In New Zealand You Can Play Video Games On Your Pizza Box

I have no idea why, but video games and pizza have always gone together. Have you ever, ever been to a LAN where pizza wasn't ordered? This is why this new app makes so much sense. If you live in New Zealand and you buy from the 'HELL' pizza chain, you can use the box as an augmented reality battlefield using your mobile phone.

The game is called 'Zombies From Hell' and it was created by New Zealand agency One Fat Sheep. It's marketing of course — playing the game enables you to earn free sides and pizza with your next purchase — but it's good marketing. Smart marketing even. I'm intrigued.

Apparently the HELL CEO Ben Cumming loved the idea from the get go. And why not?

"We wanted our customers to enjoy a new experience whilst sharing pizza with their mates but also give them an incentive to come back for more," he said.

The app will be a part of a massive marketing drive in New Zealand.

"The game is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before,” says Cumming, “so we want to make sure as many people experience it as possible."

I think it's a pretty cool idea. There is one HELL pizza joint in Australia, near Clayfield in Brisbane, so if you live in that area you might be able to give it a go.


    Hell Pizza's Pizza Roulette

    Sad when I saw basically all the Hell Pizza's in QLD close. Booval one was on the same block as a church, which led to some fun times. Just a Pizza Hut now :(

    huh. rad. that really cool.

    Whenever I visited NZ for work I ended up getting Pizza from Hell Pizza, I mean the name alone is pretty cool, what I thought was REALLY cool, was you could fold the pizza box into a coffin. Not sure why (apparently to hold your pizza "remains", but yeah), kinda cool and interesting none-the-less.

    I'm surprised that this hasn't happened already with those activity pages they put on trays to keep kids amused.

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