Indie Horror Game White Night Is Essentially Alfred Hitchcock’s Alone In The Dark

White Night is an in-development survival horror game inspired by Alone in the Dark and the works of Alfred Hitchcock. If that wasn’t enough to light the fires, White Night features a striking black-and-white visual style, eerily fluent animation and spot-on sound effects that will leave you beyond impressed.

I’m just reading the description of the game on developer OSome Studio’s website and nodding like a meth-addicted bobblehead in fervent agreement with everything:

  • White Night is a third person adventure game that combines puzzle and survival horror elements while taking its inspiration from the cult game Alone in the Dark 1.
  • An adventure inspired by strong cinematographic references (Hitchcock, Polanski, Lynch…)
  • The use of black and white builds up a solid, visual identity (such as found in German expressionist cinema) and is directly connected to the game design and the story.
  • White Night is a blend of different influences and disciplines for a total experience of art, storytelling and game design.

Gameplay itself consists of solving puzzles using light while not, uh, dying, so there’s some similarity to Remedy’s Alan Wake in that respect. Otherwise, it’s a great concept drawing from some excellent sources. I can’t wait to give it a try and I’m desperately hoping I won’t have to wait too long.

On a related note, White Night is an entrant in 2014’s Independent Games Festival competition. I’d be surprised if it didn’t get some recognition.

White Night [Official site, via IndieGames]

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