Interference Is Flashback For A New Generation

With influences including Shenmue, Akira, Deus Ex and Flashback, there's little chance the in-development Interference from solo creator Anthony Beyer will run out of material. What it might run out of is cash, hence why Beyer has thrown his project up on Indiegogo, in the hopes of eliciting delicious funds. Why though, should you give this project your attention?

Perhaps the video above, which shows off Interference's gameplay will help. If that's not enough, there's a prototype demo available if you need to get your fingers flexing.

Maybe you just want to know what it's about in the classic format known as "words". Beyer describes it as a "stealth puzzle-platformer", where you must subdue or outwit your opponent, rather than killing them. You can move parts of the world about to continue progressing and deal with foes and probably the biggest draw card, Interference is designed to be a non-linear experience, where you can explore its setting of "Arachnopolis" — a dystopian city featuring four distinct districts — Security, Nanosciences, Interferers and Cybermedias.

Here's a picture:

You might look at Interference and put it in the same category as Mark of the Ninja or Gunpoint, but Beyer tackles this comparison head-on on the game's Indiegogo page:

Interference isn't just another stealth platformer... I love these games, but I want to create my own with a fully-realized and immersive universe that's free from the boundaries of defined levels. In Interference, like in Metroidvanias, players freely explore the city of Arachnopolis while progressively unlocking access to more districts and eventually gaining entry to the entire city.

Beyer's looking to release the game on Windows and Mac, though Linux is possible if he can gets enough funds to purchase the full version of Unity, the IDE / engine he's using to develop the title. He's currently raised €1491 or €25,000, though with 33 days to go it's very possible he'll reach his target.

Interference [IndieGoGo, via IndieGames]


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