It Takes Over Two Hours To Blow Up Minecraft's Indestructible Blocks

Indeed. To destroy a whole room full of invincible Bedrock/Adminium blocks in Minecraft, all you need is a massive fireball and about two hours, 30 minutes, and 50-nine seconds of calculations. And patience, obviously.

In Minecraft, all blocks have a blast resistance value associated with them; Wood, for example, has a blast resistance value of 10. For Cobblestone blocks, it's 30. Now, Bedrock's is 18,000,000 — which means, as you might have guessed, that Bedrock isn't actually indestructible, just really, really, really, really durable. Explosions also have an innate power value, which determines whether they destroy a particular block. To destroy Bedrock, we need an explosion with a power value of at least 30,000,000.

In the above video, we can see a fireball with an explosive power of 30,000,000 being summoned in the middle of the room via the console. But why the two-hour pause? Why doesn't anything happen for so long?

The answer is simple: the Minecraft server, which handles calculations for the single-player game, is taking its time figuring out how this huge explosion affects all the blocks — we're talking millions of blocks here. The explosion doesn't just mostly destroy the Bedrock room, but also leaves massively long "rays" of destruction in the surrounding Red Glass blocks, which all have a blast resistance of 1.5. The longish explanation video, above, shows more examples of these rays in action.

Isn't science just awesome?

How to blow up Bedrock in Minecraft 1.7.2! [[email protected]]


    "two hours, 30 minutes, and 50-nine seconds" - aaaa please choose one way of writing numbers and stick to it

    Words OR numerals, for the love of the Queen's English - and '50-nine' isn't even a thing. :(

    The title is misleading. You could take out blocks in a second if you wanted to. The time here was due to the complexity of the explosion and the number of blocks it interacted with.

    Also, it would be highly dependant on the type of CPU within the server.

    [As a side note, I run my minecraft server on a FreeBSD system with an AMD Duron @ 850Mhz CPU...... I wonder how many days this same explosion would take to compute :p ]

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