It's A Little Early For Zelda 3DS XL Bundles

Spotted last night by me at the Walmart on Mansell Road in Roswell, Georgia, Nintendo's gold, Triforce-emblazoned 3DS Xl The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds bundle was available for purchase several days in advance of Friday's game release.


    I consider that street date broken. *rings nearest retailer*

      pretty sure this is a Kotaku US article.
      doubt it'll help you here unfortunately.

        Ohhhh it's the Brack Friday Bunduru

      We don't even have these in our storeroom at EB yet, we *just* got our shipment for Xbox One's today, when all other retailers seemed to get theirs Monday.

    Woah! Look how cheap that 2DS is!

    Honestly though, if it was bundled with a 2DS that might be enough for me to finally cross over onto the next handheld consoles.

    If they do this with a Majora's Mask remake/3DS bundle I'll be all over that like a fat kid on cake.

    Speaking of which, did anyone discover the big hint to a MajMask remake in a Link Between Worlds? I understand that the mask appeared in that rental shop, but was there anything a bit more substantial?

      In the words of Eiji Aonuma:

      "HA HA HA AHA"

      Edit: seriously though... I really want Majora's Mask on 3ds. though I'll get by on Link Between Worlds until then.

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        I want Majora's Mask on Wii U. Anything less than full-blown AAAA remake and I will throw a toddler tantrum.

      Could be a squeal?
      We'll just wait and see
      Can anyone report this will be able to be done with the 3dsXL Zelda console?
      it says Australia but there is a bit of a confusion as it isn't listed on the aussy website
      Kotaku I need your help!!!

        vaguely remember that it was meant to be an EB exclusive thing.... could be wrong though

        Well it says promo starts Nov 27 and the game is out Nov 22 so wait until Nov 28 depending on UK time to register the game and 3ds.

        I want a 3DS but the games are still way too expensive. 2 Pro. Layton games, Pokemon Y and Zelda. These games will never drop in price. The first Pro Layton 3ds game is still full price.

      I don't think so. There is apparently a few vague references such as the milk bar and the mask in the rental store but nothing that blatantly suggests a remake

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      Id prefer a new 3d Zelda set in Termina, with good story and new gameplay.

        The Legend of Zelda: Mask of Truth...
        "Mido once said to Link, "The TRUTH?! You want the TRUTH?! You cant handle the TRUTH!"

        Ever haunted by the words of his friend, Link goes on a quest for truth.

        "Discover why the creepy mask salesmen is always so happy"
        "Find out why Navi really left...and its not why you think"
        "What is the mystery behind the windows of the castle, and who the hell the guy in red really is?"
        "What would those cucous say if they could talk?"
        "Find out why Link always wakes up before starting an adventure..."
        "What would have happened if Zelda had stolen Majoras Mask instead?"
        "Where does Link put all of that stuff?"
        "Find out if Gannondorf really is Link's father"

        Find out all this and much more in The Legend of Zelda: Mask of Truth

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    Street date has already been broken, why will some stores still not sell?

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