Jean-Claude Van Damme Does His Epic Split… Between Two Trucks

Van Damme’s still got it! The ad says this video was made to demonstrate the stability of Volvo trucks, but deep down, we all know it was set up to show how awesome Jean-Claude Van Damme and his famous split are. This time, he does it between two reversing trucks.
This is incredible, but using Enya for the soundtrack? Inexcusable.

Volvo trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme (Live Test 6) [YouTube]


  • See, the thing is that ad isnt telling the TRUE story. They’re actually steering inwards… he’s using his muscles from brussels to push them both OUT!!!! Awesome ad though! Saw it earlier today and shared it instantly.

        • I only saw the one where

          JCVD wore the face paint at the end and it was like the last level in a game, Dolph was even the sub-boss, so good/bad!

          • Yeah thats 4. However (MAJOR SPOILERS) watch it again, JCVD isn’t actually the badguy in it. Adkins imagined EVERYTHING that happened to him in the house. He’s a government stooge sent in to wipe out all the UniSols. With that knowledge, watching it the second time you realise he’s murdering innocent Unisols and hes the badguy… the movie essentially ends with a tyrant in charge.

            The third one was fantastic, Universal Soldier : Regeneration.

          • Oh that! Yeah yeah, I thought you meant the end bit.

            No, yeah, I did get it then *phew*

            Yeah, it was pretty good.

          • Was the third one…
            the one with the computer getting corrupted by a virus and turning evil, who then proceeds to say to somebody “on the other hand, fuck you” while flipping the bird via an image on its screen?

  • I’m pretty sure the music was put in to make it sound less epic and more hilarious, because the moment the music really started playing was the moment I started laughing… this Ad is awesome!!

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