Jimmy Fallon’s Xbox One Segment Tries Hard To Make Kinect Look Fun

What do you do if you’re trying to hawk the Xbox One on late-night talk shows? You can’t show the gory, crotch-laser killfest of Dead Rising 3 or the slice-an-arm-off combat of Ryse: Son of Rome, both of which seem to be the better games for the new console. No, no, you have to go with Kinect. And with Forza. And with Will Forte singing.

Jimmy Fallon does his damnedest to get folks hyped about Microsoft’s latest console, watching a quick interface tour and talking the XB1’s exclusive car sim for a spin. There’s a little bit of trash talk during the Kinect Sports Rivals but honestly, it seems like Jimmy had more fun with the PS4, right?


  • “more fun with the ps4”? sure, the tech demo using AR seemed fun but there is nothing else mildy intreasting on the ps4. At least MS demoed 2 fully featured games.

    • I’ll give you that, however first gen games across the board are pretty meh except for Dead Rising 3 (xboxone) and Infamous Second Son (ps4) which granted isn’t out yet until March. Launch games wise, Xbone has definitely got it over the PS4, I don’t think logically one could argue that.

      I’m doing what I’ve always done, buying both. I’m a gamer, I don’t side with companies, I side with good games regardless of platform.

      Platform agnostic, the only way to truly be 🙂

      • totally agree, just sick of people saying the ps4 is better without any real argument… it’s just sonys hype train. I love my Xbox one and it’s not because of a first party title, just the overall UI, Xbox live and controller. I’m sure once uncharted comes to the ps4, ill be more intreasted.

        • Both consoles have had massive hype trains. I had a big problem with having to be connected constantly, but only because our net drops out *very* regularly here, it’d kill my gaming ability on the XBO. Now thats gone, Im all good with it. We’re definitely getting one and a PS4, but the hype beyond both flew into full retard on both parts of the companies and the fanboys in the last year many, many times.

          *hugs PC* I love you baby, thanks for not being a sellout whore… wait… Steambox? What? You slut.

      • I could argue with that, it is a subjective thing and depends what games you like. It is close, but in my personal opinion I think ps4 has better launch games.

      • I think people forget that the argument of launch games, and games in general, is 100% subjective. Although Xbox One has the more varied option of AAA launch games, none of them interest me at all. PS4 doesn’t have as many, but the ones that are available do interest me, especially Knack (yes, even with its mediocre reviews). I’ll more than likely end up owning all three next-gen (this-gen?) consoles, but my order is going to be PS4, Wii U, and then Xbox One, purely based on games I’m personally interested in.

      • How does platform agnosticism fit in with PC, I wonder? With consoles the experience is rigid: the hardware is fixed, you’re locked into a brand ecosystem, you have their interface and their online service and those all make for points of argument amongst the zealots. But I find with PC, as long as the game comes out on it, the platform’s natural flexibility means none of those things are points of difference. You can play how you like, with whatever controls you like, on whatever services the game offers.

        I think I just prefer freedom. PC offers that, the other platforms don’t, really. Does that make me a PC zealot though? Hmm. Religion always complicates things =)

        • lol I just mean that I will play a good game regardless of what platform its on.

          HOWEVER, I will also strive to play the game on the BEST possible platform it is available on. 9 times out of 10 with multiplatform games these days that *does* end up being PC.

          But there’s still cases where I end up playing consoles. GTA V for instance I’ve put in an *offensive* amount of hours online with my gang lol. Injustice on the ps3, my son and I play, he got it for his birthday and we love it! It’s on pc now, but we’ve already got it and all its DLC, I dont see it as a game I’ll buy again until it’s cheap as heck on steam sales…

          XCOM though, I had to get that on pc, no questions asked. Glad I did too. Brilliant on *all* platforms, but the PC just shone.

          • Yeah, XCOM was a really well made game. I haven’t picked up the expansion yet but it’s on my todo list this weekend, along with Black Flag.

  • Yes the PS4 show may have looked more fun, but seriously how often are you going to go around hoovering robots up? Virtual House work? Video gaming has hit a new low :p Fun for 5 minutes! AR on the PSVita is a cheap gimmick, Cliff Diving, Reality Fighters??? zzzzzzzzzz

    Motion controls still need to find their place! I think virtual rage would be awesome, say in FIFA when you lose a goal, the Kinect picks up your rage and translates that into your players reactions. I remember the 360 camera taking screenshots of you when you took someone out in a takedown online, that was fun and innovative.

  • Ok the xbox gamers are annoyed and they should be! It’s shocking to hear that that stupid kinect actually draws10% processing power from its apu meaning gpu and CPU. I liked the last xbox the 360 this ONE annoyed about the power aspect of the games. Xbox gets all the cod dlc but can’t do 1080p ? What’s up with that you would they would optimise the xbox one version better. Ps4 is cheaper and on paper and outputs some games native 1080p and is 50% more powerful gpu now. You blind fools understand these consoles are built to be like a pc. So that means if you had a gpu thatis 50% more power means it will be better. The return on investment for ps4 is outstanding! Xbox one isn’t good value for money and is not a good return on investment! Based on gaming entertainment wise I couldn’t care less for voice commands on both sides not interested.

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