Killer Mobile Games Don’t Need No Shiny New Console

Killer Mobile Games Don’t Need No Shiny New Console

Who needs to spend several hundred dollars on a console when we’ve already spent several hundred on the latest tablet or smart phone, right? Hey, at least the games are cheap and this week sees the release of some damn fine games. Better than the PS4 launch line-up?

I’ll leave that up to you folks to argue over. I’ll just say this — I’m betting my new iPad Air and trusty Android phone will be getting more of a workout this weekend than my PlayStation 4, especially with Epoch 2, Tilt to Live 2, Alpha Zen and GT Racing 2 to keep me occupied.

What I’m Playing This Week

Tank Nation — Wormhole Games — iPad — Free

Remember the classic PC game Scorched Earth? Tank Nation is a bit like that, only the tanks here can move, players can collect and upgrade parts and they can battle online against each other for bragging rights.

Get Tank Nation on iTunes

Tilt to Live 2: Redonkulous — One Man Left — iOS — $2.99

Tilt to Live was a very clever little game that was the best thing you could do with an accelerometer. You moved your little ship about, using power-ups to destroy encroaching dots, until you died. Tilt to Live 2 is all that, but with new power-ups, new kinds of dots and a playful new aesthetic fully-aware of how much we loved the first game.

Get Tilt 2 Live 2 on iTunes

Stellar Wars — Liv Games — iOS — $1.99

They made Legendary Wars, Monster Wars and Zen Wars. What wars haven’t Liv Games covered? How about Stellar Wars? A new lane battling game from the folks that put the genre on the map, this time with robots. Yay robots!

Get Stellar Wars on iTunes

Alpha Zen — Large Animal Games — Android, iOS — Free (to start)

From the creators of the delightful Colour Zen comes Alpha Zen, a design-minded word game that’s a bit like designing a crossword puzzle. Link letters in words from famous sayings together in boxes. It’s really rather neat. I like it.

Get Alpha Zen on Google PlayGet Alpha Zen on iTunes

Oceanhorn — Cornfox & Bros. — iOS — $9.49

My god, this game. It’s a story-driven adventure, obviously gorgeous, with music by Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito. It could be mobile’s Zelda. Expect more on this title soon.

Get Oceanhorn on iOS

Don’t Shoot Yourself — Ayopa Games — iOS — $0.99

An inventive little puzzle shooter, where the goal is to not shoot yourself. 99 of the bullets you carry will only hurt yourself. The last round in the chamber will break the walls of your cage. Don’t… you know.

Get Don’t Shoot Yourself on iTunes

Battle Command — Spacetime Studios — Android, iOS — Free

From the folks that brought us Battle Dragons comes a game very much like Battle Dragons, only instead of a combination of base building with fantasy RTS, it’s base building with space RTS! It’s like StarCraft, if you squint your eyes really, really tight.

Get Battle Command on Google PlayGet Battle Command on iOS

Epoch 2 — Uppercut Games — iOS — $US5.99

Uppercut Games’ incredibly gorgeous robot shooter returns, picking up the post robot-apocalypse story where it left off. It’s even more gorgeous now, if that’s even possible. Don’t miss it.

Get Epoch 2 on iTunes

GT Racing 2 — Gameloft — Android, iOS — Free

Gameloft’s answer to Real Racing 3 is here, and it’s not half-bad. In fact, I kind of like the feel of this “real racing experience” a little better, and the guidance it gives first-time players is invaluable.

Get GT Racing 2 on Google PlayGet GT Racing 2 on iTunes

What are you playing this week, while all the new PlayStation 4 owners are futzing about with their televisions?

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