Kingdom Under Fire II Coming To PS4. It Will Be Out… One Day.

Kingdom Under Fire II Coming To PS4. It Will Be Out… One Day.

Kingdom Under Fire II has been in development for a long time. A very long time. Originally announced in early 2008 as a PC and home console game, Kingdom Under Fire II was supposed to hit the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360.

Delays followed, there were rumours of development problems, and the console game was never released. The game’s official site lists the PC online service as “planned” for this year in South Korea.

This week, it was announced on NoCut News(via tipster Sang) that Kingdom Under Fire II has shifted from the PlayStation 3 to the PS4, making the game the first Korean title announced for the new PlayStation. According to Blueside, the game’s developer, the PS4 version will be similar to the PC version, but will have console exclusive content. No word yet on an Xbox One release.

Kingdom Under Fire II‘s PlayStation 4 release is slated for a mid-2014 release. Fingers gently crossed!

플레이스테이션4용 첫 토종 게임 나왔다 [NoCut News — Thanks Sang!]


  • There was a Kingdom Under Fire game on the original Xbox that I fucking loved. Then I hear KUF on 360 was just a boring hack and slash.

    • Kingdom Under Fire originally was an rts for PC

      Then they made KuF Crusades for Xbox which was comparable to dynasty warriors with Rts tactical elements
      The sequel KuF Heroes was actually a storyline prequel and both were excellent games!

      Kingdom under fire: circle of doom for Xbox 360 is a hack n slash dungeon. Crawl… Dreadful played solo but with 4 players it’s actually challenging and quite fun to play, some of the hardest bosses in the genre… Not to mention the final boss is a stick figure hahahahaha look it up

    • Kingdom Under Fire Heroes I think?? That was so difficult and punishing. I loved it too, there were no other games that were really like it. But unfortunately I could never play it for long because it gave me the early warning signs of epileptic seizures. I don’t know if I even have epilepsy but all the moving characters on screen really messed me up.

      • No, I think it was Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders.

        For me, it was the first piece of evidence suggesting that RTS can work on consoles, if done right.

        • KUF: The Crusaders was the original RTS/hack and slash blend on Xbox.
          KUF: Heroes was the sequel (also on Xbox), focusing on the lieutenants of the first game.
          KUF: Circle of Doom was the only okay hack and slash game on 360.

          And for the record, KUF: War of Heroes was the original PC RTS title (prequel to Crusaders).

  • I thought there was already a sequel to Kingdom Under Fire on 360/PS3. It had “circle” somewhere in the name. Apparently it was pretty awful – was that just a spinoff?
    That said, I always though the KuF franchise could potentially be amazing once technology gets up to speed.

    • Read my post above
      circle of doom like it’s predecessors were Xbox Exclusives, they changed genre again with it as well but the story and key characters stay the same, it serves as a prequel to KUF2

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