Kotaku Awards 2013: Nominate Your Best Online Experience

Kotaku Awards 2013: Nominate Your Best Online Experience

When it comes to video games the words ‘online experience means something a little different. Back in the day it was about how efficiently one could shoot someone else in the face with minimal lag. Nowadays? It can be as subtle as Drivatars in Forza 5, scribbled messages in Dark Souls, the unique Mii integration on the Wii U. What are some of your favourite examples?

Drop your nominations in the comments below. What have been your favourite online experiences? We’ll collate them into a nice little vote and announce the winners in due course!

Here are some of mine…

Drivatar in Forza 5
Wind Waker HD Selfies
Video sharing on PS3

Now you go!


  • The player search system in Pokemon X/Y.
    Far and away the greatest addition to the series in the new generation. Everything is so much easier, trades and battles are only a click away. Wonder Trading is strangely addictive. GTS is now actually accessible without screwing around with the security setings of your home wifi. The best update GameFreak made.

  • Dark SouDamnit!

    2011 2011 2011.

    Uh, this year?

    Link Between Worlds streetpasses count as online? Kind of like how it puts a Shadow Link to battle. Had a lot of fun with it.

  • GTA Online. If I have a group of friends to run around with, it offers some of the best online experiences I’ve ever had.

    • Another for GTA Online.

      Haven’t played it much, but once me and a mate spent an age fighting over this truck (I was supposed to destroy it before he made the destination). Just the two of us with no explosives, stealing it off each other. Hilarity ensued.

  • Call of Duty Black Ops II:

    From getting owned every five seconds, to seeing player emblems that featured either racism or penises – including some with racist penises, to the time I got a voice message from another player telling me to top myself because I was no good, to the time I finally learned how to get score streaks and actually owns others in the game – it’s the game that has it all!

  • for this year its a hard pull.. last year was an easy one for me.. Ghost Recon FS, TSW..


    TC Splinter Cell Blacklist

  • The Last of Us, such an incredible single player experience, with an intense and tactical multiplayer.

  • I’m not sure if this counts, but Just Cause 2 multiplayer really exploded in 2013, massive numbers and increased stability for said numbers, ridiculously fun. Just drop in/out play, with no pressure and infinitely massive world to roam and make friends in

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