Kotaku Awards 2013: Nominate Your Favourite Indie/Downloadable Game Of The Year

Kotaku's 2013 game of the year awards have just begun and, right now, we're in the nomination phase. We're looking for nominations from you! Today it's the turn of the Indie/downloadable game — what have been some of your favourites?

Just as a quick reminder: the week is nominations week, the week after we'll be doing the vote, and we'll announce both the Editor's and Reader's game of the year choices in the third and final week.

This year has definitely been the year where I've enjoyed playing smaller indie games on PC as opposed to console.

Some of my personal favourites have been...

Gone Home Papers Please Proteus Hotline Miami on PS Vita

So that's my early nominations — I'm sure I've forgotten something earth-shattering, which is why I need your help! Drop your favourite Indie/Downloadable games of 2013 in the comments below.



    Cause no trouble.

    Glory to Arstotzka!

    Or The Stanley Parable. That was pretty rad.

      I watched Ben play some of this. Looked amazing.

        It's definitely worth picking up and mucking about in for a little while.

    Monaco. A game with two modes- sneaky sneaky and oh gods chaos that's equally fun in both.

      Have to agree! Monaco was Indie/Downloadable game of the year for me. I've been waiting for this game since it was originally revealed back in 2010. When it finally arrived this year, it lived upto all of my expectations.

      I gave the game a mini-review on Steam earlier this year, and funnily enough, the review has just gone live today on Steam's new review service:

      Monaco is possibly the closest thing we'll ever get to an Ocean's Eleven video game. If you're a fan of classic heist movies this is the title you've been waiting for. Assemble a team and pull off the job of a lifetime.

      What's yours is mine.


      Last edited 26/11/13 2:14 pm

        Nice! I did one over on Pixel Otaku: http://www.pixel-otaku.com/monaco-whats-yours-is-mine-review-oceans-8/

    Gone Home, without a doubt. The atmosphere in that game is incredible.

    Path of exile was pretty epic

    Only indie I've played is FTL which was great fun

    I really hated Gone Home. I felt like it got a free pass for being topical, but was actually a pretty weak effort overall.

    I'm voting Stanley Parable, because I thought it did something genuinely interesting with the medium.

      I wanted to love Gone Home and was super excited for release.

      In the end it was a disappointing mess, and I agree that it felt like it got a free pass.

    Everyone who does not share my opinion is wrong. The Stanley Parable (while this did come out as a mod for HL or something.. I missed that) was the most amazing game I had played in a very very long time.

    I can't tell you much about the game because that is the fun part.. but to incorporate that level of humor and to also seriously make you sit back and think.. really think about why the hell we even bother gaming at all.. I mean it was a very important game to me and I can't speak highly enough about it. You could argue it's not even a game and you may be right but as an interactive narrative it does everything right.

    Absolutely amazing game and everyone on this site should play it. It's 5 hours at best but some of the most entertaining hours you'll get gaming.

    If I had more time at work I would keep this rant going.. please please please vote for this!

    Last edited 26/11/13 12:34 pm

      It's a bit more than 5 hours if you do the baby mini-game. I did not.

        hahahahaha I actually considered doing it but lasted maybe 5 minutes.. that is seriously an awesome part of the game.

          I found it while doing my "do the exact opposite of whatever the narrator suggests" run. Which just so happened to be my first run. He said save the baby. I did not save the baby.


    also, I suppose the following games deserve a mention :

    Shadowrun Returns.
    Stanley Parable
    Mirror Moon EP
    Bit.Trip Runner 2

      Plus one for Antichamber!

      Even though I haven't played it yet :P

        highly recommended.

        just dont go in expecting anything logical. just run with it.

          Well I played a whole bunch of it at the a IDGF thing at ACMI in Melbourne a year or two ago, and fell in love with it. Just haven't picked it up yet because Steam.

    Yeah I loved Hotline Miami... I have a bunch of Humble Bundles but haven't played enough of the games to vote for anything else lol..

    Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - and anyone who doesn't agree with me is a FUCKING idiot (Remember FUCK stands for Failing to Understand our Capacity for Kindness)

      As much as i love it, I don't think Ubisoft is an indie developer :)

        the Indie / Downloadble category is a tad confusing. given that almost every game released now can be purchased digitally...

        I'm not saying Blood Dragon isn't rad (haven't played it yet), but I just get the feeling that including games from bigger developers might sorta be going against the intended vibe of this category.

        Edit: spelling

        Last edited 26/11/13 1:32 pm

          Yeah - that slash is really confusing me. To be honest, I don't think downloadable should be a thing. Thats just a means of distribution. The Binding of Isaac is Indie, but it had a downloadable and a physical release. Call of Juarez was not Indie but as far as I know it was only released digitally (I so expect to get corrected on this).

            It's sort of becoming like the distinction of what is 'indie' in music. You get indie music on major labels now. I agree this is a weird category but is a game like Journey an indie game? It's published by Sony. It's a weird thing.

          Blood Dragon doesn't fit this category as it fits better in Overall GOTY.

            Well I read downloadable and it was the most fun downloadable game I've played this year - but hey 'immigration paperwork simulator 2013'. ...Can't beat that!

    Hate Plus

    Papers Please
    Cargo Commander

      Props for choosing Hate Plus.

        It's always flown low on the mainstream radar. Been thoroughly hooked on Christine Love's games since Digital! And the "Hate" games have been truly thrilling and enlightening.

    @markserrels just a bit of clarification about this category, but when almost everything is downloadable, are you looking to include downloadble titles from big devs/publishers (like Blood Dragon)?

    I mean, I don't disagree that blood dragon & the like are awesome & worthy of a nom, but are big budget things like that the sorta thing you wanna group together with indie games?

    Apparently Fez only came out on PC this year therefore I vote that. Only just played it over the weekend, and still reeling. Amazing game.

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