Kotaku Awards 2013: Nominate Your Mobile Game Of The Year

As 2013 rapidly approaches its close, video gaming minds turn to games of the year. Thinking about them, discussing them, arguing about them. At Kotaku Australia choosing our game of the year is a three week process: we nominate, we vote, and then we announce both the reader's and editor's choice for game of the year.

In previous years we bundled mobile and handheld games together, but people didn't like that so now we've split them into two separate categories.

So mobile games? Get to nominating. What were some of your favourites from this year? For this category all video games that appeared on a mobile phone or a tablet is fair game, so have at it.

Here are some of my personal favourites of 2013...

Stickets Puzzle Retreat Duet Ridiculous Fishing

I actually did a lot less gaming on my iPhone/Nexus 7 this year compared to before. No idea why that is! Very keen to hear your nominations so drop them in the comments below!


    The room

      Not a 2013 release (as far as I'm aware).

        Really? Hrmm okay...
        the room (android) ;)

          That version is super dodgy and porting lazy. The part where you need to balance the 'board' in game to roll marbles into holes, it said "Tilt Your iPhone."

    I may be biased because I only got it about 2 weeks ago...but Bloons TD 5 is brilliant.

      Hell yes! I keep thinking I'm going to get bored but it's so addictive!

    Robot Unicorn Attack 2
    Quell Memento
    Trial Xtreme 3
    Judge Dredd
    Spell Tower
    Ridiculous Fishing [Just got it last week on Android! LOVE it!]
    Pocket Trains

    Kingdom Rush Frontiers :D
    Best Tower Defense Ever I spent more time on this than GTAV XD

      This, easily the best mobile game I played all year. Trumps PvZ2, but that was good too.

    Rayman Fiesta Run

    Was god of blades this year? because if so that

    Judge Dredd Gamebook (forget the name, exactly)
    Plants vs Zombies 2
    The Walking Dead Assault

    Year Walk if it came out this year and if not I also nominate Device 6


    Technically it's still in open beta on android and not set for general release till December, with IOS set for next year. But I love this game.

    Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign

    I think I have been playing this daily for nearly a month. It's just the right amount of collection/unlocks vs grind for me, and it has a $money store that I haven't had to use to progress, so that's a huge plus.

    Rayman Fiesta Run -more of the same after Jungle run but the game is still good. I actually think the mobile games might be better than the console versions. I just wish they would get rid of the constant pop ups at the start to sign in to my Google+ account

    2. Ridiculous Fishing-it just released on Android and at first I didn't enjoy it but I'm getting there.

    3. They need to be fed 2- precision platfoming on a phone? Yeah I found it hard to believe at first but the game's controls are great

    The Room (or was that 2012?)
    Plants Vs Zombies 2
    Minion Rush

    Quiz RPG: World of Mystic Wiz (which I got onto thanks to Kotaku!). When it launched it still had some Engrish and some questions with the answers mucked up, but they've done a superlative job since then of fixing the translations and adding thousands of new questions and running events like the recent "Wizard Cup" tournament as a bit of change of pace. Hoping the next story update comes soon, though.

    Catch The Ark - iPhone/iPad

    Awesome graphics for a mobile game, addictive gameplay and heaps of fun all around! It's also made by a group of aussie guys which is nice to see for a change.

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