World Of Warcraft Movie Delayed To 2016

Last month, we were told the World of Warcraft movie was coming out in 2015. Turns out that's not the case. It's now been delayed to 2016, presumably to stay as far away from Star Wars: Episode VII as possible.


    I doubt they're just delaying for the single purpose to avoid the Star Wars movie. Blizzard are more well renowned for delaying projects without any reasons for MUCH pettier reasons...
    Also, could we please see a little bit more details? Perhaps a source? Or a name of who's declaring said delay? Anything?

      Considering SW EP7 comes out that very day, you have to ask yourself, which will be more popular with the world... a niche market movie which will appeal to a lot of people sure but not the majority...

      Or the sequel that EVERYONE is hoping for. Granted we got burnt by 3 prequels but there's legitimate hope behind this new sequel. It's more than likely they moved this because of Ep7. It's a smart decision to do so.

        "Star Wars Episode 7 jar jar binks and friends"

        IN 3D!

          Jedi Jar Jar Binks and friends

            Where was he in episodes 4-6? Grand Admiral Jar Jar...

              Stuck at the bottom of the Trash Compactor on the Death Star. That's my hope anyway.

          Would anybody be surprised if that movie came out and the people involved with got beaten to death with toy light sabers? Sad? Yes. People taking Star Wars to seriously? Yes. But surprised? I don't think so.

      Actually I can't remember the last time Blizzard delayed anything after announcing a release date. They do push back estimates, but they don't push it back once they settle on a date.

    Just as well because as a rule I restrict myself to only one good movie a year. ???

    They're probably pushing it back to ensure excitement around the ageing game is maximised. Subscriptions will skyrocket when this comes out, and if they time it so it's between expansions (or perhaps to coincide with one), they maximise profit.

    Meh. Is anyone really excited about this? Such a high chance that it will be awful. I still remember the wing commander movie.

      The director they have has some pretty good movies under his belt. He's no Uwe Boll.

        Yeah I enjoyed Moon and Source Code. I'll guess I'll wait and see. Still feels like a poisoned chalice though.

        Yeah, but Colin Farrel might still be in it.

    It's probably because something bigger than the warcraft and Starwars movie is coming out on that day.

    Half life 3 Confirmed.

      I'll see your Half Life 3, and raise you a Fallout 4.

    How is this still ever a thing? its been delayed so much that there cant be that many people who care any more ?

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