League Of Legends, Turned Into Final Fantasy VII... Has Potential

League of Legends, Turned Into Final Fantasy VII... Has Potential

Would it be possible to transform League of Legends into a JRPG, specifically, Final Fantasy VII? The answer is yes!

Thanks to Brazilian YouTuber Pato Papao, we now have a highly detailed LoL / Final Fantasy crossover fan-video, with the appropriate dances, moves and skills. There's also plenty of extra little tidbits for those who are familiar with the League champions.


    Hate to point this out, but the ui is from a final fantasy prior to vii.

      Well the Limit Break bar is definitely something from FFVII... but yeah, it's otherwise FFIV (or FFV, since FFIV allowed you to have five people in your party).

      That Ui is FFVii perfectly. I think your memory is a bit off. Except for the player count obviously.

      Last edited 30/11/13 1:24 pm

    The music and little blue dude make me nostalgic for FFIX, Cause the little blue dude is Vivi and the music is from FFIX

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