Let's Play Dress-Up With The New Lightning Returns Trailer

Good thing mizz Lightning has the time to stay fashionable in between going on missions to save the world. Otherwise, we couldn't spend all this time looking at her fabulous outfits.

The latest and shiniest Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII interactive trailer from Squeenix has you help Lightning pick out a dress for her next monster-bashing session. Your reward is a short clip of said monster-bashing session, which you then spend admiring both Lightning's combat prowess and fashion sense. If that sounds up your alley, go ahead, start clicking.



    My poor 6 year old PS3 died this year so don't know what I will end up doing with the final part of the story :c sorry Lightning I thoroughly enjoyed FF13 and 13-2 even though others were much harsher critics of them.

      Man that really sucks especially since FFX/X-2 will be coming out early next year too.
      R.I.P PS3

        Been tempted to buy a new one but with PS4 less then 3 weeks away now its tormenting.

          Well at least since the PS4 is coming out and it's close to end of year sales they might have some good discounts going for the PS3

      Am looking forward to this finally being released too! FF13-2 is the only game that motivated me to play through everything and get the final trophy =D

    After seeing the start of this video, i really want to see an Adam Jenson and Lightning game and it can be called I never asked for these Final 13 days.

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