Look, Trion Worlds Is Doing The Whole Voxel Thing Now

Look, Trion Worlds Is Doing The Whole Voxel Thing Now

Pixels were great, but they were so two dimensional. Polygons were really cool, but now that developers have to licence them directly from the gaming website (they do not), everybody's moving to voxels. Even Rift and Defiance developer Trion Worlds is doing it, with free-to-play online adventure RPG Trove.

While the rest of Trion was busy working on Defiance or getting fired, a small, dedicated team was playing with polygonial pixels. What they've come up with is a combination action-RPG/building tool. Imagine Cube World, only with developers who don't disappear for long stretches unless their bosses tell them to.

Trion Worlds is looking for unparalleled community interaction for Trove, which is one of the reasons you can sign up for the alpha test right now.


    I like the cel shading, gives it a little something extra

    I understand the difference between polygons and voxels, I just don't understand how cube world is voxels and not polygons. Whenever I see it, it just looks like cubes made out of polygons so me. Would someone care to explain? Ta.

      Voxels and polygons are seperate parts of similar 3D space.

      Voxels in these cases more closely resembles an art style, where true voxels are more like atoms that make up a 3d structure.

      It is hard to explain.

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        Ohh, so it's not true voxel computing, it just looks like it. That explains my confusion!

      You're right, it isnt proper voxel computing.

    This reminds me of Cubeworld - and considering that hasn't been updated since July, I'll try my luck with this.

    Just by the by, a lot of these aren't proper voxels, they're still using polygons. Cube world and Minecraft, while 'voxel-like', don't truly use voxels - they still render polygons.

    Voxel Farm engine is uing proper voxels:

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