Man Goes To PS4 Midnight Launch And Leaves With A... Master System?

One of the things I love about Australia is that it's one of those rare countries that favoured the Master System over the NES. When I arrived from the UK and found that you were all Master System guys? I instantly felt at home.

It's for that reason that I know you'll appreciate the zeal of the man who clearly just wants the world to be as excited about the Master System as they are about the new PlayStation 4. Truly he is doing God's work (God in this case being Alex Kidd, obviously).

He walks into the store empty handed and walks out pretending he just bought a Master System. Cute.

Also: Moonwalker was the bomb on Master System. The bomb.


    Gotta admit, way better then some rich kid smashing his new console in front of everyone.

    That's so weird, when I was a kid everyone I knew had a NES/SNES and no one had a Sega console!

      Must be some kind of weird regional thing.

      I'd love to see a map of primary schools colour-coded by which console was dominant.

        Probably peer pressure thing too. If everyone at school had a Nintendo, I must have one too!

          You sheep.

            Hey, we were the first people to have one. Other people were the sheep. I was the shepherd and this was my favourite console on the citadel!

      I loved my Master System so much that I bought another on E-Bay when I was in my 20's

      Mum gave me a choice between Commodore 64 and Master system. Went c64.

        Haha! Should've gotten an Amiga. So many adventure games. So many. :')

        I still feel like you chose wisely!

          The Amiga came after and out-awesomed the awesome C64 which out-awesomed the SMS :oP

            oh and before the c64 was the Vic20...thats where my obsession with gaming began :) Although I had the atari 2600 before that it didnt start till the Vic20.

          Yeah amiga was later I believe. Didnt even know it existed. But we got this box of like 200 c64 games with it. It was pretty great. This was one of my faves -

            Oh wow! You and LucasArts go way back. My first adventure was Maniac Mansion on the NES.

        Oh heck, while the Master System was awesome, the C64 was beyond any synonym I can think of for "awesome" I would have gone the C64 too!

      Had both... my dad was a gamer a bit but all my brothers and sister were big gamers so we always ended getting all of them.

      I was the same. Nintendo err'where. Victoria here.
      I knew a couple of people with Master Systems and Mega Drives, but they were definitely the odd ones out. I noticed it seems to vary by state. My housemate is from NSW originally, and all she remembers is Sega.

        It was 80% Nintendo when I was growing up in Sydney. Only knew two people with Sega systems and they always ended up coming around to play the NES/SNES anyway.

      Me too!

      EXCEPT my friend Mike, who was from Canada (his Dad was on assignment in Australia for a couple of years) and so of course he was a little different. Still, it gave me the chance to play Shinobi and Sonic.

    See - this is so much funnier than the lame guy smashing the PS4 yesterday.

    Master System > NES

    Maybe not, but I love the idea that Sega was ever at the top of the pile.

    While you can look back on it now and the NES appears to have more classic games (Metal Gear, Zelda, Final Fantasy) a lot of those classics really hit their strides in the SNES era and beyond. While VERY good, it wasn’t instantly apparent that they’d go on to be legendary series.

    Back then you could easily argue that the Sonics, Outruns and Afterburners of the world would go on to be bigger franchises than the games listed above.

    Imagine a world where Nintendo and Sega had swapped positions post 16bit era. Super Sega Smash Bros on the motion controlled Sega Master DreamDrive II, 3D Alex Kidd platformers, a Witcher style adult RPG starring Wonderboy!

    If anyone says "Alex "the" Kidd" in this thread i'm gonna start throwing bananas.

      Just don’t punch anyone with an oversized novelty hand.

        Actually, imagine how awesome it would be if Alex Kidd was in the new Smash Bros.

        What happens if a Falcon Punch and the Alex Kidd MASSIVE F*CKING HAND punch collide?!?

      guilty as charged - ive been calling him Alex the Kidd all these years in pure ignorance.

      i hand you my apology.

      [sits in the corner in stupid shame]

        No need to sit in the corner my friend, your apology is accepted, we all make mistakes.

        Up until recently i always used to say (phonetically) "Ninja GAY-den" and not "Ninja GUY-den", which if i'm not mistaken is the wrong pronunciation?

        I was really only referring to the people who INSIST it is actually Alex "the" Kidd despite evidence to the contrary. Like.. umm, the TITLE SCREEN.

        Now, help yourself to one of my tasty bananas and stop feeling bad about yourself.

    Huh, that's strange, pretty much all of my friends were NES heads and there was one sad kid with a Sega

    I wish I still had my Mega Drive :( Even the name of it. Mega Drive. MEGA. DRIVE. XBox One has nothing on MEGA DRIVE and neither does Playstation

      I've still got mine! Actually, I've got four or five... plus a stack of controllers, assorted peripherals and boxes upon boxes of Mega Drive and Master System games...

      Not that I need all of them of course, but once you get locked into a serious Mega Drive collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can...

      I had a MEGA PC - best thing ever.
      Amstrad 386sx25 PC with a sliding panel in front that switched it to a megadrive.

      Probably the last time the PC master race and consoles coexisted peacefully...

        Negative, there's actually xbox's and PCs in the same tower being build custom only a few years ago! :)

          But that's custom - they are being forced to co-exist :)

          Regardless - best of both worlds and there should be more of it

            Don't forget the official "Playstation PC's" in the mid 90's. PCs with added official Playstation support. That's the last hybrid PC/Console I remember coming out.

    ive still got my MEGA DRIVE as well
    i was the odd one with everyone else having a snes.
    i think it was the best situation as i got to play different games at friends houses. i always like variety with my games i loved playing mario kart or donkey kong country at a mates place and going home to play sonic.

    now i just own everything

    Alex Kidd is due for a comeback methinks. Hell, even the Great Giana Sisters are starring in new games. What gives, Sega?

      How about Wonder Boy, they could make them on the 3DS and Vita as metroidvaina type games, like Wonder Boy III: The Dragons Trap.

    From memory the Master System was cheaper; buying an NES was like forking out for an Xbone for quite a few years there

      Yep i remember the NES being around $550 when it came out and the games being anywhere from $80 to $100, i remember paying $100 for Zelda back then and it took me four months to finish it, great times.

    I remember i had a NES and a mega drive and my mate had a maste rsystem i think at the time we were really the only 2 in my school (that i knew) that had them and that was due to older brothers.

    There was a kid around the corner with a master system, and another up the road with a nes, but i was the first to get a mega drive (i literally cried, i think i was about 6 or 7) and soon after most other kids in my class got a MD. One kid had a snes, but we were a pretty staunch Sega stronghold.


    Nintendo definitely 10 to 1 in all the places I grew up as a kid. Saying that though didn't get my first proper console until I was 19 and Bought a SNES. Growing up I had an Apple IIC and then an Amiga 500.

      I started out with an Amiga 500 too. Such a revolutionary piece of hardware - way ahead of it's time. I remember laughing at my C64 and IBM PC counterparts.

        Prince of Persia, Civilization and a scrolling shooter Xenon 2 (I think it was) got the bulk of my playing time.

          Lemmings, Prince of Persia, Hudson Hawk, Magic Pockets, Cannon Fodder, Gods, the list goes on.

            Harlequin, Stunt Car Racer, Super Off Road and Super Cars were some of my favorites.

    Just pointing out that that version (the Sega Master System Plus) didnt have Alex Kidd on it, it was Hang-On and Safari Hunt.
    Plus that hidden snail maze you got to by holding Up and both buttons as it boots...
    So God would be a snail then in this case....?

    Last edited 19/11/13 3:44 pm

      Master System II had Alex Kidd in Miracle World preloaded, from memory.

        Yeah it did, I thought it was a great game back in the day

    I just watched an Angry Video Game Nerd video about the Nintendo World Championship cartridges, and now I want to get rich and blow all my cash on buying NES games.

    Thats it, everyone get out your old NES/SMS/Mega Drive/SNES this weekend and play hard!

    Alex Kidd on SMS FTW!! Some of my best child hood memories playing that game with one of my best mates at that time at his place. Loved it.

    My first thought was "Why is that man wearing a balaclava?"

    Awesome, that guy had an Atari 5600! :P

    all i had was a vz200..... :( still have a sinclair zx81, Loved my amiga 500. never really played the sega. had some atari friends..... Great vid

    I still have my original NES box, I should totally do this for the Xbox One launch on Thursday lol.

    The Author has goofed. If you look at the box that is a Sega Master System gen 1, not gen 2. The built in game on the gen 1 wasn't "Alex the Kid in Miracle World", it was "Hang On" the motorcycle thriller...

    Sega FTW though, I love my Master System 2 and Mega Drive + Mega CD + 32x

    Last edited 20/11/13 9:02 am

      Hang On plus Safari Hunt and the secret snail maze game...

      I didn't really know anyone with consoles.. we had a SMS1, cousins had a NES, then I just remember people having SNES machines..

    MS Moonwalker was totally the bomb. I sold my MS1 + loads of games etc when I got a PS1.. I've thought of picking one back up.. but every time I've tried to relive the games via emulator I get bored kinda quick... it's probably because I'm a quicksave/load fiend which takes all the challenge out lol.. I remember playing some Asterix game for HOURS one weekend only to get to the very end and then lost all my lives and couldn't continue - devastated.

    Also getting Teddy Boy instead of Transbot in a game case by mistake. For a 4 year old who wanted flying robots that wasn't good lol...

    Bonanza Bros? Spy vs Spy? Anyone?

    ahh, the good ol days of my master system 2.

    just remembered - also had Taz-Mania....

    woah, i better sit down - nostalgia rushing to my head....

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