Man Shot Dead Over PlayStation 4 Sale

Man Shot Dead Over PlayStation 4 Sale

Saturday brought news of the first robbery of a PlayStation 4; today brings news of the first killing associated with one. Police in Orlando, Florida, say two men were shot, one fatally, in the aftermath of a PS4 sale gone wrong Sunday afternoon.

Authorities say Emmanuel Johnson, 25, had agreed to meet an unidentified 23-year-old man outside Orlando police HQ at 4.30pm to buy the console from him. The meeting location was changed at the last minute, and that's where the shooting occurred.

Johnson ended up shot dead. The unnamed 23-year-old was also hospitalised with gunshot wounds. Investigators don't believe anyone else was involved in the transaction or the shooting, a spokesman said.

PlayStation 4 Sale Prompts Shooting, Leaving One Dead [Orlando Sentinel]

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    This seems kind of suspicious, more like the sale of the item was some kind of setup for a gang hit, seems unlikely that two guys shot EACH OTHER over a sale they had obviously been previously discussing.

      One goes to rob the guy with a ton of cash in his pocket, the other goes to rob the guy with a PS4. When you think about the last minute change of venue it actually makes some sense. One thinks he hit the jackpot because the other was stupid enough to agree to go somewhere else, the other think he hit the jackpot because this idiot actually suggested going somewhere less safe.
      With how paranoid people are about getting ripped off its actually surprising this doesn't happen more often. The only people willing to participate in these sorts of deals are the ones who think they're ripping someone off.

        I assumed that the 23-year old was selling it legitimately (stolen or not, and at a premium) and Johnson didn't have the money for it so he tried to shoot him and take it. The 23-year old didn't die but he was cautious enough to take his gun with him to a shady internet deal and killed Johnson in self-defense. If the PS4 was stolen in the first place, then it makes sense as to why he agreed to a change of venue, pressures of time and all to get rid of the evidence.

      Unless the guy selling the console never actually had the console and was just trying to get somebody to come to a particular location with a pocket full of cash that he could then steal, resulting in gunfire etc.

    Can there be a follow up story on this? Curious as to what happened..

    A true example of video games causing violence.

      Fox News: Video Games cause violence, consoles no longer need to be plugged in or even have games running in order to corrupt peoples minds.

        Reminds me of a line in a movie. Guns dont kill people. People kill people. or in this case it would be video game consoles dont kill people. People kill people for video game consoles (and sometimes with video game consoles)

          DMX in Romeo Must Die

    Why would anyone actually do these arrange meetings/sales.


        For sure. Agreeing to meet a random stranger was stupid. But agreeing to meet outside a police station was smart. But changing the location at the last minute was stupid. So overall, more stupid than smart.


    It's a bit tragic. All he wanted was to play a PS4, and now he's dead.
    Gotta wonder why he didn't just buy it from a store, unless this guy was selling for cheap.

    Because guns are a good thing to have in the hands of everybody!

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