Meet The Fresh Prince Of The Mushroom Kingdom

We are a part of the generation that grew up with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I'm willing to bet that most of you know the opening rap to that show by heart. I know I do. Mario is also a part of our shared history. This is why this mash up song is so perfect: Mario and the Fresh Prince. The Fresh Prince and Mario. It's perfect.

And it also sounds great. It mixes up perfectly. So mash-ups tend to feel a bit forced. This ranks up there with Chrono Jigga and the Biggie/Thomas the Tank Engine mash-up as some of the best I've heard.

It just makes so much sense.


    Will Smith in that cat suit is all sorts of disturbing.

    I didn't realise until right at the end that they had put the horns from the Fresh Prince backing track in as well, very subtle, clever.

    I'm surprised the guy used the full opening song from Season 1 instead of the smaller version everyone knows

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