Meet The Man Who Fixes Broken PC Games

Meet The Man Who Fixes Broken PC Games

From Deadly Premonition to Dark Souls, sometimes a PC game is released that’s, well, let’s call it an unoptimised port. Which leaves fans to do the work in getting them up to scratch, and of late no fan has become more “famous” than Durante.

The NeoGAF member, whose quick improvements to the above games made him something of a saviour to fans of the titles, has been profiled on Wired, juice-sipping photo and all, and it’s a good read.

Especially the part where he reminds people of the reason why he can work so fast: he doesn’t need to worry about the same levels of quality assurance a publisher would.

Is Your Game Crap? This Fan Will Fix It for You [Wired


  • This guy deserves never-ending fist bumps for fixing Dark Souls. He took an atrocious port and turned it into the best version of the game.

      • To be fair, they don’t really know how to fix it and outright said that from day one.

        Their whole reason for not bringing it to PC in the first place was “we don’t know how”.

        • Exactly. I don’t hold any ill will for the bad port, because they said up front that they didn’t have the pc experience to do a proper pc version.

          I’m just glad From Software made a pc port at all, because it allowed someone else to come along and tidy it up.

          • Yeah, not sure. Probably to do with making the product able to run smoothly on scaleable hardware. With a console you know that there’s a huge list of settings and variables that need to match these particular numbers and that’s compatibility sorted. PC is obviously not going to work that way.

          • That’s true, I guess I just expected that going from console to PC would be easier since you don’t have to satisfy as many restrictions, although you still have to cater for old hardware to some degree…

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