Melodic Duty

Check out this awesome 'gun sync' by Ash100HD performed in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It took nine hours to make, but the gun sound effects almost feel like they're a part of the original song, right?


    Not a fan of COD but man I really love this song. Im glad to see somebody gun syncing it.

      That's what passes as a 'song' these days?

      I must be getting old.

        Yeah I surprised this was a song. Seems like a mish-mash of like 5-8 songs :\

    Bangin' tune.

    I got to 1:20 before the video jumping around made me feel physically ill.

    What a waste of time, who would bother to make this..

      Who would even bother to copy and paste a link to this cr-- oh... I've just answered my own question

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