Metal Gear’s Creator Wanted Sexy Cosplay And, Well, He Got It

Metal Gear’s Creator Wanted Sexy Cosplay And, Well, He Got It

“Quiet,” the sniper character of Metal Gear Solid V, is rather unsensibly (un)dressed for combat. Creator Hideo Kojima had a number of justifications for this, saying that he wanted an “erotic” character because that look would encourage cosplay. Yep. It did.

Via Destructoid, this is Kelly Jean, a cosplayer from the U.K.. She sought to make a real-life recreation of Quiet’s concept model and boy did she ever pull it off. Destructoid has a rear shot, too, but suffice to say that is NSFW. But if you’ve ever wondered what a soldier would look like in torn nylons IRL, go check it out.

Jean is selling prints of her cosplay through her personal site, with proceeds going to a charity that brings video gaming to those with disabilities. She says she is studying to be a health care professional and is currently helping a girl who is “really bright and enjoys her games, but has severe physical disabilities,” so the cause is a personal one.

Hideo Kojima Asked For It And He Has Received [Destructoid]

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  • Wow, shows you how good modern graphics are, I thought the cosplay was the CG at first. Love that she got all the rips and tears exactly the same too, good work.

    • …The one on the left is the real one, the one on the right is CGI, right?

      I was genuinely confused for a minute and could still possibly be persuaded either way. c.c

      • Took me a while as well. Looking at the pictures on the Destructoid article, I’ve come to the same conclusion as you.
        What gave it away was the khaki coloured straps. They hug the back too much (as seen in one of Destructoid’s pics), rather than sit straight or sag.

      • Same. I was confused. The one on the right is obviously fake, and I couldn’t tell if lefty was real or not either. Then I started to reconsider if righty was actually fake or not either.

        • Yeah, at first, lefty looks like she has a lower poly-count and poorer lighting effects and effects in general.

    • In the least offensive way possible… kinda pushes that geek stereotype all the more. The moment you look at the right picture it’s clear it isn’t real because of how the breasts sit. There’s no way that thing gives enough support for those gravity defying antics.
      Meanwhile, however photoshopped, the left is evidently the real one… breasts AND woman 😛

  • She definitely has pulled it off but why did she tie her boobs down like that? She has the boobs to get it exact just by tying the top under and up instead of tight and across.

    Just curious as to why.

      • Not only is that movie scientifically inaccurate, but it’s interfering with cosplayer boobs too?? Bastards!!

    • I think it would be a comfort thing. Tying it under would push her boobs up and have them sitting awkwardly, whereas across allows them to sit more naturally. If you’re walking aroud all day in costume you might want to sacrifice a minor detail for comforts sake.

      • I’d get that but this is a staged photoshoot. Comfort would have been a secondary concern.

        Hell, after severely regretting wearing jeans in the heat at Supernova yesterday and seeing some of the costumes people had on (full leather body suit? Are you mad?!?) I’m willing to bet comfort is hardly considered at all in the cosplay world.

        • Okay, on closer inspection it would seem that if she tied it under then her nipples (or part of them) would be showing, in which case the material would have to be larger which would then throw off the costume as it would be out of proportion. Having it tied across allows her nipples to be fully covered while keeping the top the correct size.
          Boom, solved!

          • Yeah. The model might have a prettier face than her digital counter-part, but I’m pretty sure that body’s too hard to compete with. Somewhat… unnatural, perhaps.

          • Really? I think the model is outclassed in all aspects by Quiet, although when a character is designed from the ground up to be “sexy” I wouldn’t take it personally coming second. Although neither is anywhere near my type, haha!

    • I think it’s intended to demonstrate the ridiculousness of the costume when actually worn by a real person.

  • Wow – it was really hard to tell initially which was real and which was CG. She has really nailed the character.

  • Kelly Jean is a fucking awesome woman.

    Yes, she’s attractive too, and that’s awesome, but she does work with disabled kids, is donating money from the print to charity, and is awesome to her fans.

    Rock on KJ. \m/

    • Dude, she’s attractive sure, but what you described about her just makes her outright *beautiful* 😀

  • “Destructoid has a rear shot, too, but suffice to say that is NSFW.” How? Seems pretty tame to me.

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