Minecraft Set To Receive Twitch Integration

Twitch is everywhere now. I'm just waiting Twitch functionality to added to all household devices: kettles, cars, toilets. Okay maybe the last one is a step too far...

Now, alongside both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Minecraft is all set to receive official Twitch integration on PC and Mac, allowing people to stream Minecraft without jumping through too many hoops. Considering the fact that half the magic of Minecraft is sharing your creations and enjoying the creations of other players, Twitch integration is a match made in heaven.

According to Matthew DiPietro, VP of Marketing for Twitch, adding this functionality made sense considering how many players were already finding ways to stream the game.

"Minecraft has struck a very powerful chord with the Twitch community," he explained. "Its constantly escalating popularity illustrates that people love to watch video games outside of the headline grabbing eSports titles. Expect a watershed moment for both players and spectators once the ability to easily broadcast gameplay directly to Twitch goes live."

If this makes it easier for people to create and share more incredible things via the medium of Minecraft then I'm all for it.

Twitch announces Minecraft streaming partnership [Destructoid]


    You know what really needs Twitch integration? Steam. Can't believe they don't have it built in yet. Even Origin has Twitch integration.

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