Minecraft Was Australia's Most Popular Yahoo Search In 2013

But the biggest surprise here is that people are still using Yahoo to search for things. All the cool kids are using Bing. Am I right?

Seriously though, it's pretty incredible that Minecraft has managed to beat out all other pop culture totems to become Australia's most used search term in 2013. How did it come to this? Minecraft was just a weird little game with retro visuals and a sandbox to play in. Now it's obviously massive.

So number one was Minecraft, here are some of the search terms it beat out.

In second place was The X Factor. In third place Miley Cyrus and in fourth place One Direction.

This is the level of popularity we're dealing with at the moment. It's insane. Minecraft is just on a whole different level.

The top 10, with thoughts from Yahoo, was as follows...

1. Minecraft Critically acclaimed game Minecraft started from humble beginnings to become one of the most popular games in the world and reached the top of the Yahoo!7 most popular searches this year.
2. The X Factor Unsurprisingly, the TV ratings juggernaut, The X Factor, made a huge impact in 2013. The competition was won by Dami Im and showed continued success with her debut single ‘Alive’ debuting at No.1 on iTunes and the ARIA charts.
3. Miley Cyrus It was a case of art imitating life when Miley came in like a wrecking ball to delight and shock us all. Love her or hate her, Miley’s controversial antics made her the most searched celebrity on the Yahoo!7 list, and cemented her into pop history.
4. One Direction The boys from One Direction set hearts aflutter when they announced an Australian tour, and news of their movements and concerts proved to be in hot demand. Some of us are still calming down.
5. Big Brother 2013 Big Brother revealed its cult following, with the tenth season ticking all the salacious reality television boxes. A tryst between contestants Tully and Drew generated publicity and awarded them a place as a Yahoo!7 top search result.
6. Justin Bieber Yahoo!7 search results confirmed that Australians love a bad boy and a tumultuous year for the young Biebz was no exception. He may be famous for his music, but his off stage antics have driven Yahoo!7 search queries up to number six ranking.
7. Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian has beaten superstar rapper fiancé, Kanye West in the Yahoo!7 top search results. Kim had a baby girl called North West, then was proposed to by Kanye West in a basketball stadium. Classy.
8. Royal baby A future King was born and the entire world went baby crazy. The birth of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first child, Prince George, went down in history. The insatiable appetite for news of his birth placed the little Prince in the Yahoo!7 top ten search results.
9. Rihanna Rihanna’s gallivanting during her worldwide ‘Diamonds’ tour and the release of her mega-hit ‘Stay’ ensured her place as a popular search in 2013.
10. Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston flaunted her divine body in pole dancing scenes and had Australians heading to search for it in masses. Aniston starred in the comedy film ‘Meet the Millers’ where she played a drug smuggling stripper. In real life, she generated interest with her engagement to Hollywood hunk Justin Theroux.


    All the cool kids are using Bing. Am I right?

    Funniest statement of 2013?

      It's like how all the cool kids who went to the effort of downloading Internet Explorer.

    But the biggest surprise here is that people are still using Yahoo to search for things.Ha, exactly the thought I had reading the title.

    The rest of that list though... wow.

      yes good to know that the really important things are getting checked out on this vast unlimited storehouse of world knowledge known as the internet

    considering we've still got 6 weeks left of 2013, i think we should all go searching on yahoo for... i dunno... 'bob geldof's left ventricle.' like non-stop. just to screw up their stats.

      Yahoo! has millions of unique users every month. Search for it all you like, you'll not make a dent in the stats.

        I've never let reality or logic get in the way of a joke before, and I have no intention of starting now.

    So the one person that used Yahoo to search for something searched for Minecraft? :P

    This list makes me weep for humanity.

      Don't, it just speaks for those who use Yahoo.

        If last years google list is anything to go by, I stand by my statement.

        Top 2012 searches (google) Australia
        1. Gangnam Style
        2. The Voice
        3. One Direction
        4. Whitney Houston
        5. Olympics
        6. Oz Lotto
        7. Diablo 3
        8. Hurricane Sandy
        9. Kony
        10. Morgan Freeman

          What makes ME weep for humanity is that people search for the full URL - rather than typing 'www.facebook.com' into the bar, they'll search for it instead.

            Agreed, though you don't just type facebook and press Ctrl+Enter ?

    This list seems to say more about the demographics of people using Yahoo than anything else...

    Kim had a baby girl called North West

    I feel so sorry for that child. For so, so many reasons.

    "How do you train a horse in Minecraft?"

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