MLB 14 The Show On PS4 Is The Only Next-Gen Baseball Game

MLB 14 The Show on PS4 is the Only Next-Gen Baseball Game

Forget about baseball on Xbox One next year, if this image touting MLB 14 The Show is any indication.

Sony announced the next edition of MLB The Show for PS4, PS Vita and PS3 tonight at the MLB Players Choice Awards on the MLB Network. But that's not the real news because it, like baseball, happens every year. This claim is: "The first and only Major League Baseball simulation for next generation consoles." You can see it over the three placeholder packshots above.

There's an asterisk by it that says "includes disc-based Major League Baseball simulations," which I guess is butt-covering language that does not rule out the possibility of a downloadable or arcade baseball title on competing hardware. Taken at face value, it simply means if you want to play baseball next year, your best bet is to do it on PlayStation hardware.

Never say never, as I learned last year with the MLB 2K intrigue, in which a game believed dead as of May 2012 was miraculously renewed in January 2013, three months before release. It's hard to imagine Xbox One will have any simulation-quality game, given the effort necessary to render 30 major league ballparks in ultra realistic fidelity — and that's before doing anything with the gameplay. As if to underline that point, Sony released these comparison shots of Fenway Park's well known left-field scoreboard, in both MLB 13 The Show on PS3 and MLB 14 The Show on PS4.

MLB 14 The Show on PS4 is the Only Next-Gen Baseball Game
MLB 14 The Show on PS4 is the Only Next-Gen Baseball Game

It's telling, of course, that MLB 14 The Show didn't release any player character faces or models or shots of actual gameplay but, hey, that is one fine looking out-of-town scoreboard, even if the Yankees are a half-game in first. Let's remember MLB The Show on PS3 is routinely and deservedly praised for its visuals, and look how they are blown away.

Miguel Cabrera of the Detroit Tigers will be your cover star, though that top image is almost certainly placeholder art. Miggy was one of the candidates for last year's fan-voted cover.


    baseball Yawwwnnnn
    Forget about AAA next gen racing games on the PS4 this year because Sony are a bunch of mongmong Pillocks...

    It seems like Xbone really dropped the ball with this one.

      Sony really knocked that one out of the park.

    Well that's the sports covered. Now Sony just need to give us some TV and they'll have completely stolen Microsoft's thunder.

    if you're a baseball fan without a playstation, next gen is the time to make the change, because sony baseball is unparalleled

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