Need Help Getting Into The Right Headspace?

If you're going through a difficult period — if you're stressed about work, study or exams — whatever the issue headspace has got your back. headspace is an organisation that's been helping thousands of young Australians get their lives back on track. Whatever your situation, regardless of how bad it has become, headspace can help.

headspace is designed to help young people aged 12-25 going through a difficult period. If you need help there are a number of things you can do.

— There are 55 centres throughout Australia. Making an appointment at one of these centres is easy. Just click here for more information. — You can take a virtual tour of the centres here, and get an idea of what to expect. — If you just want to talk over the phone or online you can check out eheadspace. They have people available seven days a week from 9am until 1am AEST.

If you are simply looking for information on issues like depression, anxiety, bullying or help with relationships you can head here. If you're worried about a friend dealing with some of these issues headspace has an entire section dedicated to giving you the best advice on how to approach them and get the help they need.

If you require any more information head to the headspace homepage.


    Companies like this honestly make the world a better place, awesome read!

    Last edited 01/11/13 2:22 pm

    Awesome to see this but I am most happy because I have been walking past this place in Parramatta (Wentworth street) for ages and I never knew what they did there.. I thought they were just meeting rooms that you could hire out or something! Now I know!

    So like... do you get turned away if you're 14? Or 26?

      It's designed to cater for 12-25 year olds, and I'm guessing that the people who work there are specifically trained and or qualified to help that demographic. And I'm also guessing that they would probably try their best to help you if you are 12-25 but in all likeliness that would refer you to someone who helps with younger/older people.

      Last edited 01/11/13 3:29 pm

      you'd get a referral to a counselor or organisation who is better equipped to help you.

    These guys do a seriously great job in a very difficult sector and as a side note, those posters look sweet.

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