New Barbie Game Is The Stuff Of Nightmares

This is gameplay footage of Barbie's Dreamhouse Party, recorded by Rock, Paper, Shotgun. It terrified me. I showed it to my three-year-old daughter. She stared blankly at it for a minute before softly walking away.

By all accounts the game is equal parts condescending and horrific, and yet... so much so that I kinda want to play it.

Barbie Dreamhouse Party Creeps The Crap Out Of Me [Rock Paper Shotgun]


    Such a well-chosen colour palette..........

      OMG, a Barbie game that uses Pink? Outrageous. Check out ...

        Not the pink, more the fact everything is so vibrant and over-saturated that it burns the retinas. A terrible palette.

    God, Ryan sounds creepy. Does the game end with him burning Barbie's house down after she goes to prom with Ken instead of him?

      corrected: After Ken goes to the prom with Barbie instead of Ryan.

    My eyes are burning

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    If I had a choice between this and having my eyes gauged out with a desert spoon, I'd choose this. But only just.

      Most people would call a desert spoon either a spade or a shovel.

        A pedant? On the internet? Why am I not surprised?

          Misspelled cliches on the internet? I am both suprised and disturbed by your response. Are you calling me a pedant or pendant? I would assume a pendant because I did not correct you. I am neither. Perhaps I mean nether though...

            I'm sorry. How is what I wrote a cliche? Maybe you should check your definitions before you correct other peoples spelling. Also, you're really annoying.

              If I had a choice between X and having my eyes gouged (not gauged) out with a dessert spoon is indeed an internet cliche. If you have never seen said cliche before then I suggest removing both the desert and dessert spoons from your eyes. I would remove these in addition to the pole up your...

              Last edited 30/11/13 7:55 pm

    XBox One Exclusive!

    SO... MUCH...HYPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So essentially the same design as every RPG ever, then.

    What has been seen cannot be UNSEEN!!!

    *wonders if I can claim damages from Luke now... hmmmm*

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