New Uncharted Announced For PS4

We don't know much about it — could that be a non-Nathan Drake protagonist? — but we do know this: Naughty Dog is making an Uncharted game for PS4, teased at the big Sony show tonight.

No gameplay just yet, but hey, at least we know what the folks at Naughty Dog are up to!


    Xbox will announce a new Gears of War and people will forget about this mediocre tomb raider with a schlong

    A Francis Drake Uncharted would be pretty rad. If it's just called 'Uncharted' even better.

      Perhaps you could have Nathan Drake take a trip up to Canada to visit the Abstergo Entertainment offices, where he hops in their machine to find out about Francis Drake's adventures?

    I've never played any of the Uncharteds. I need to catch up

      I never played Uncharted 1 but I did play Uncharted 2 and 3....I might need to get Uncharted 1 to get the story pretty much straight.

      hmm...A Francis Drake Uncharted would be good...the VO on the trailer isn't could it be a new antagonist perhaps (I don't think an Uncharted game without a Drake would work)

        Uncharted 1 isn't as good as the sequels, but its still a good time. You should totally get on that.

        IDk if its still around but i was able to get uncharted 1 and 2 in a bundle pack

          Uncharted 1 is an essentials game now, and certainly on PSN, and can certainly be bought pre-owned.

          The first major game of the PS3 I got into. A great game. Definitely a keeper.

      Me neither, and yet I own all 3. I have a Mountain of Shame!

    What else was announced in this Sony show??

      That was about it, aside from some Last of Us DLC.

      The Last Guardian did get a brief mention, which was something, I guess.

        Cheers I saw the Last of us DLC as well but the way this event was hyping I was actually hoping for something more than just games.. new features we weren't aware of or new peripherals woulda been nice...

    I like the Uncharted games but the series was felling a little tired for me after number 3, including Golden Abyss there have been 4 games in 6 years, with the PS4 game proberly 5 in 7 years, for me thats entering Assassins Creed level of franchise fatigue.

      Consider this - the waves of people who may buy a PS4 this gen that only had a 360 last gen - a PS4 Uncharted will sell systems

        Thats a really valid point actually - there has been a lot of converts

          It would be good to see an Uncharted game get great sales too - they deserve it.

      While this is all true - I bought a Vita for Golden Abyss, and I'll buy a PS4 when Naughty Dog's first game is released! I love me some Uncharted.

      Assassins Creed Fatigue seems to be clamoring back with Black Flag. I got so bored with AC3 but now cant put the controller down on AC4!!! Hopefully Naughty Dog brings a good theme to break that trend - But I fear it may just feel like another Uncharted...

      There's already five: There was Fight for Fortune on the Vita.

    I'm in, love the uncharted games.

    "today you will be with me in paradise"


      Looks like it also points to the island of Madagascar, possibly a shipwreck. Might have to do some research on this one...

      Last edited 15/11/13 8:24 pm

    Hot damn! An Uncharted game is pretty much a sure thing as far as I'm concerned. Pc and Steam sales have pretty much dominated my time this past year but THIS coupled with the new inFamous has pretty much sealed the deal, not that I needed much persuading, I loved my ps3

    Is that the voice of our hero, or our villain . . .

      It the announcement you make when you have nothing to announce, but want to remind people that a series they like will be on a console they might buy.

      It’s almost as surprising as the “Halo will be on Xbone” announcement at E3.

        You do realise, these teasers are pretty common from Naughty Dog to release before big unveilings. I'm thinking there will be more to hear from at the VGX (formerly VGA's).

          Yes I do.

          They also announced absolutely nothing.

          I understand that people get excited (I do too), but the bottom line is all this was is a reminder that Uncharted will be on PS4.

          Its the announcement of an intention which was kinda expected anyway.

    Lol I traded in Uncharted 3 - It was a pretty short and basic story - Fun but nothing special

    It might be cool if it stars Francis Drake, although the weaponry would be a bit more primitive.

    The guy in voice over is Todd Stashwick. I've seen him in some TV shows previously, but don't know much on him.

    I don't see the character doing the voice over as the protagonist or Francis Drake playing a part.

    My thoughts are that this is a guy that Nate screwed over on a job, leaving him to rot in crappy prison in Africa (I'll get to that in a second) for the last 15 years, this guy plotting revenge on Nate and planning to turn his life upside down. How that happens I have no idea.

    As for plot elements. Right at the beginning of the video showed the Cape of Good Hope (located in South Africa) which is where, according to legend. The Flying Dutchman is home to. A legend like that can't be coincidental.

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