New Uncharted, Destiny, MGSV: Ground Zeroes: All You Need To Know About PS4's Launch Event

This afternoon Spike TV ran a PlayStation 4 launch event and it was quite the news fest. Scoops a-plenty! New Uncharted, MGS V: Ground Zeroes, Destiny — this is all you need to know.

PS4 Sizzle Reel Teases What's Next

Exactly what it says on the tin.

New Uncharted Announced For PS4

We don't know much, but here's what was shown!

MGSV: Ground Zeroes Has Classic Snake Missions Exclusive To PS3 And PS4

Play as Old Snake — the actual real OLD SNAKE — once again!

InFamous: Second Son Is Coming In March 2014

I guess that falls into the 'launch window'...

Destiny Beta Coming First To PS3/PS4

But more importantly, a new trailer for you to gawk at.

The Last Of Us Story DLC Is A Prequel Starring Ellie

I'm not sure I want to go back into this universe — The Last Of Us just ended so brilliant. Good thing this is a prequel!

Meet The First Guy To Buy A PlayStation 4

This guy was excited.

Watch The Big PS4 Launch Event Live Right Here

It's all over now, but if you want to watch it as it happened click here!


    I think you mean solid snake not old snake

      Isn't there an Old Snake thing coming to PS4, with early MGS games and missions?

        like dukenukemserious stated, Solid Snake. Old Snake has a moustache.

    Is it just me or was everyone else also expecting actual news?

    DLC to a blockbuster game, exclusive "extra" to an already announced game and Uncharted (i mean realy of course there was an uncharted game).

    After the Hype of great news for this i was expecting so much more, more game announcements, more stuff about PS+ on ps4, maybe some cool vita/ps4 game, well anything/more than, well, this.

    Though I might care more if i had my ps4 in my hands right now instead of 2 weeks away, though at least the XB1 is only 1 week off :P

      I was expecting at least a major third party game announcement. Ah well, hopefully something gets announced by new year, especially of release dates after the launch window although SOny said they'd be putting out fairly regular updates for new games and release dates. I think we'll have to wait for E3 before we see any big third party games being announced for either console though

    Yeh, it was nice and all... The adds were pretty interesting...some good announcements, but yes, I also was hoping for at least one dramatic "ohmygodohmygodohmygod!" Moment. But I got lots of head nodding like a bobble head instead.
    Then I saw jb hifi had vita killzone packs for $199 and went and bought one.
    That will fill the hole in my consumer soul for two weeks.

    Frigging auto spell of iPads...

    Last edited 15/11/13 8:14 pm

    Stay off DC Universe Online if you've already got a PS3 account should be added to the list. =P Seems in all the fun of Game Update 31, the one designed to bring the game to the PS4, they've monkeyed with the wrong thing and characters have gone missing. I think it may just be a case of them not showing up on the character select screen, but there's a lot of unhappy players who can't get onto their two year old characters.

    Last edited 15/11/13 8:56 pm

    Oh well early days. Besides Titanfall I expect the same post launch drought on xbone

    I'm not sure why anybody would have been expecting some kind of massive announcement on the same day that the console is launched. Generally those announcements are timed to increase hype. But on the day of a console launch the hype is about as big as it can get. They'll hold the big announcements back for a few months once the initial launch hype settles down and they need to generate some more buzz.

      Expect? No. Hope...always.
      I guess it is because I was watching through a screen at other people getting what I want now.
      You know, first world consumer whore problems and all that.

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