NFL Player Buys PlayStation 4s For A Bunch Of Midnight Campers

NFL Player Buys PlayStation 4s For A Bunch Of Midnight Campers

Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant just did something pretty awesome. In attendance at a Dallas Best Buy store for a PS4 midnight launch, the NFL star walked up and bought five consoles for those waiting in line.

So my friend was at Best Buy for a PS4 and Dez Bryant walked in and bought one for her and four other people

— Kells (@BRedLove) November 15, 2013

Damn, @DezBryant just bought whoever was in line at a Walmart in Dallas a PS4.

— Marquis Rodgers (@MRodgers2405) November 15, 2013

Dez Bryant bought Playstation 4s for a bunch of people in Dallas[Sporting News]


    It's a nice gesture, and I'm sure the people really appreciated it, but for a guy like him it's not a big deal really. He probably earns over a million a year. It's really easy to be generous when you have more money than you could possibly need.

    Disclaimer: it's no dis on Dez personally, I'm just saying it in anticipation of people talking about how generous he is. I do give him big props though for not trying to big note himself over it. It's cool when people use their position of privilege to give someone a smile without making it all about themselves.

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      And plus I'm sure the money would have been better spent elsewhere, especially considering that if these people were in line, they would have been able to afford one.

        Eh, I suppose it's a spur of the moment thing. Often when going through a toll booth I'll pay for the next few cars cause a few dollars doesn't hurt me and it's a little act of kindness that they might pass on to someone else. I'm sure he thought "meh, got a few hundred gorillas in the bank, it might be fun to freak these people out and shout them a console, for the lolz"

        And, pretty much every overly wealthy person I know gives a lot to charity. I bet he does too.

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      "but for a guy like him it's not a big deal really."

      You should not be looking at it from his perspective, try looking at it from the perspective of the lucky five people who probably earn a fraction of what he does in a year, to them it's a big deal.

      Just like if some poor bugger was starving in the streets and some wealthy person bought them a meal and put them up for the night in a hotel, for the wealthy person money wise it does not mean much, but for the poor guy starving on the street it means a hell of a lot.

    The point is, he really didn't have to do what he did. It was a nice gesture and really was generous of him to do so.

    Hey, why was he allowed to skip everybody in line!?

      From the sounds of it, there was only 5 people in line and him.

    Why is it when somebody who does a seemingly nice gesture, it's still not good enough for people. Sure he does have money, but you know what... He could have just as easily not bought them anything, but he went in there and through the kindness of his heart, paid for these consoles that these people lined up for.

    There are plenty of rich people out there who wouldn't even had thoughts about it.

      Not saying it's 'not good enough'. In fact, the upside is that people of renown giving to others has the potential to inspire others. But in perspective, it's no different to slipping a homeless guy a fiver.

        It is completely different. you said it yourself - they didn't need the $ since they were in line anyway. They didn't need the money. Homeless folks DO need the money. Dez Bryant slipping the equivalent of the cost of the PS 4 to FIVE homeless guys would be on a more even scale, not slipping one homeless guy a fiver.

          I meant in comparison to how much he have away, not how in need the recipients were. And I didn't say they didn't need the $ cause they were in line, that was someone else. But you make a good point nonetheless. Cheers.

    He didn't have to buy them anything, but he did, and I bet it made those people feel really great, I would be over the moon if someone did that for me.

    I say good on him, if more people did something nice for someone every now and then, this world would be a much better place.

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