Nintendo Are Set To Release Zelda And Pikmin Cartoons On The 3DS

Well excuse me Princess! It looks like The Legend of Zelda is getting a brand new cartoon series to be released on the 3DS. Pikmin is also getting the cartoon treatment. Here's hoping it's better than the old TV series released in 1989...

'The Legend of Zelda: The Misadventures of Link' is a series of comedic shorts that shows Link in a 'new and hysterical light'. Sounds worrying! Apparently this series of cartoons is based in and around the Wind Waker universe. At least it'll look great.

Pikmin Nature Documentaries sounds like a weirdly interesting one. It's set to parody nature documentaries and focus on the world of the Pikmin. As someone currently playing (and loving) Pikmin 3, I'm intrigued.

Both series are set to start streaming on the video app on the 3DS. We've contacted Nintendo to make sure it's actually available here in Australia, as we tend to be a little bit behind on stuff like this. We'll update as soon as we here back.

Via Siliconera


    Strange, but possibly cool. I wouldn't mind seeing others do something similar. Tie in 3D animated comics for new games as a regular thing could be cool.

    ... Sorry, I had a Captain N flashback and had to curl up on the couch for a moment.

    They had some pretty cute Kid Icarus:Uprising anime shorts before. Hope these are as fun :)

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