Nintendo Marching Band Routine Blows Trumpets (Also, Socks Off)

Ohio State University's marching band did a killer Nintendo performance last year during a halftime show. This year, Clemson responds.


    I've seen awesome videos of this marching band before... they're incredible. Of course the other videos made the mistake of concentrating on the marching band, showing us exactly what was going on on the field, giving us steady shots and allowing us to see the exciting action unfolding before us...

    Thank god the guy using THIS camera rescued us from THAT huh... O_o

      I can picture his inner monologue as something like
      "oh look, that's kinda cool, check out howw.....OMGBOOBIESANDCHEERLEADERS...and now they are forming a mushr...HOLYCRAPARETHOSEMORECHEERLEADERS? THESEONESAREEVENTWIRLINGBATONS!

        Seriously this xD
        And then he goes and uploads it??

    I really love the Mario theme, but I have to say it's become the Stairway to Heaven of video games. It's been covered to the point that I've been numb to it for years already.

      A ten year moratorium on the mario theme then for all media?

        Perhaps a biblical jubilee. Just as farmers once left their soil alone every seventh year in order for it to become replenished and healthy, I think every seven years we should have an entire year off from playing or listening to the Mario theme in any form, to let it replenish and become pleasing again.

        Also, moratorium, I learned a new word today, cheers.

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