Nobody Wants Your Black Friday Discounts, Grand Theft Auto Online

Judging by the comments under Rockstar's news post, most players would prefer an experience boost or news of new and upcoming downloadable content than 50 per cent off hunting rifles and black clothing.


    GTA: Online - ALMOST what i always wanted :(

    I've played the single player mode to death but MP; well it's more than a little disappointing - or more accurately boring. So no sale for me.

    Would have to be something super exciting to make me want to go back to it (after only playing for about an hour), this ain't doin' it for me.

    I cant play the game longer then 20 mins.

    Single player was great when the Interesting Story and Characters were their, but once i completed singleplayer, I got bored. The game is sooo over rated. Nothing to do in the bloody game.

    GTA Online is worst off. Free Roam in online gets tedious after other players seem to have a habbit of never letting u enjoy the game, passive mode can be cheated by runing of players in that mode.

    But I think the biggest issue is that everyone has exploited the Money Glitch and Rockstar havent announced the heist release yet, which is pointless cause no one is going to be motivated for the heist when we all have tens of millions allready.

    The game is simply dull and very Highly over rated. The gameplay is smooth and the game world is alive and the storyline was fantastic. But thats all

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