Not So Classy

Not So Classy

Compare to last week.

(Sony has since deleted the post. They're referring to this controversy.)


    Well? Why WOULD you settle for less?

      Because you're a biased fanboy?
      I've seen worse features defended.

      Hey wait a second, did people misread what I typed and that's why they downvoted me?

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        Im sorry, but I dont consider this being a "fanboy"
        With 4K nearing home use prices/availability, why would you settle for 720p these days???

          Nah, I'm saying that sometimes even negative features or "lesser" features are defended by fanboys to justify their purchases or likes. Before the "reverse" of the Xbox One, some people were still defending some of those choices, even saying they were for the benefit of gamers and the industry. You might even find some people who would defend the original FF14.

          That's not the point. The points are that one, why are you judging the One on its LAUNCH MULTIPLATFORM games. Ryse is one of the best looking launch games ao it shows the Xbox one can look brilliant when developers get used to it.
          Second is that MS congratulated Sony on their launch and then Sony attacked them. That's called a dick move

            If you re-read the tweet you'll see that Sony didn't attack Microsoft, they attacked 720p gaming. Sure Microsoft was the intended target. But that's their own fault.

            Sony's just bragging about how their console does Full-HD gaming. That's fine with me.

          because Australia obviously has no need for anything more than 360p, duh.

          The average Australian will never need video quality higher than 360p! I'm sure that's what our politicians would tell us! Why go for what everyone else is using when we can and will settle for less!

        Or you really like the exclusive title's that manufacturer has lined up, or you have a lot of friends who already own that console, or you have specific requirements for your entertainment center which are not met by the competing console, or you have had a bad experience (in some cases repeated bad experiences) with the competing console.

        I think you got down-voted for over-simplifying the argument. At least that's why I'd be down voting you. I actually upvoted you cause I have crippling sympathy for people who get hated on by 'the Internet'.

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        I did misread your post originally. I didn't downvote you, but I gave you an upvote now.

        Hahaha, ah. It's a good thing votes are silly and meaningless, because you done boned yourself.
        I'll admit, I read it the "wrong" way first too. Blame the English language!

          Actually, if you're downvoted enough your profile is downgraded to "guest" for a while and you will have to wait until a mod validates your comments.

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            Shit, really? I guess I can see the point in that, depending on how the system works exactly.

      Yeah, I dont get it, why settle for an under powered, over price, over sized + added power brick, tv box...

        Yeah, when you can just get an under powered, over price, over sized tv box for $50 less.

      1. Because im getting both (ps4 after price drop and an exclusive or 2 interests me)
      2. My pc already does better than that.
      3. Dedicated servers for me and 10+ irl friends already in the architecture.
      4. Controller preference.
      I could go on or I could argue the other side too.
      Just as a personal tweak, graphics aren't that high on my list when I think about important features for console gaming. Never has. Always owned multiple consoles and tried (sometimes failed) to keep a reasonable pc in the house too.

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        This man knows gaming.

        1080p > 720p isnt that big a difference really.. they still pump the same graphical content out. And better yet, the games feel better to play on an Xbox then a PS for me. Fanboys keep on fanboying. Its all preference in the end.

          But...but... I want things to say on the Internet that make me feel intellectually superior and that give me the perceived technological high-ground, justifying the abuse of my peers!

        I dont think most of us care what your PC does. We are talking about consoles, the smarter and less frustating option for gaming. You got virus' to deal with and Heaps of hackers and cheaters in games with theirprograms.

          Missed my point entirely. Its not about my pc or anyone else's.

            Not going to lie but it seems like boasting to me. Personally given the rate of PC releases recently (Arkham Origins plagued with glitches, Assassins Creed 4 plagued with glitches, Need for speed Rivals, Frame rate maxed at 30 and tied to the speed of the game). Triple A companies are starting to review the pc market and releasing more average ports.

          You should be choosing console gaming because;
          A) It's what your friends have
          B) It's what you can afford
          C) You don't have the space for a gaming PC
          You shouldn't be choosing console gaming because you're too stupid to install an anti-virus or too dumb to figure out how to install a game on PC. Don't even bother pulling out the "hackers" card either, because the same games that have hackers on PC have equally as many hackers on consoles.

          And really, the ability to make modifications (and yeah sure, hacks) for games on PC does more good then bad. A good example is a game like Skyrim, the sheer amount of modifications available makes it insanely more fun then the console versions.

    And that my friends is the difference in attitude between Sony and MS. MS publicly congratulates Sony on the PS4 launch, Sony posts a link to fanboy posts about resolution dickwars.

    Exactly the kind of move I expected them to pull.

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      The fact that it's been pulled, probably means that someone higher up saw what was posted and got it removed. MS' post was directly for Larry to Shuhei. This was an FB post, so it could have been anyone in their marketing dept. being an idiot.

        That's not really relevant. We're not talking about product features which are a matter of personal taste, we're talking about the behaviour of a company, which we absolutely should be supporting if they do positive things, and criticising if they do negative things.

          Yeah its so wrong of Sony to compare their features against those of their direct competition.

            You're a fan of strawmen, I see.

              You should google 'straw man argument'. I don't think it means what you think it means.

                No, I know exactly what it means. I never made the argument that Sony comparing features was wrong, that was a strawman.

                  So noone's allowed to reply to you unless it's refuting exactly what you said?
                  He was just saying that he didn't think Sony had done anything wrong. And I happen yo agree with him.

                  @rowan I took his reply as a mischaracterisation of my argument. I didn't make the argument that Sony did something wrong because I don't think Sony did do something wrong.

                  I think when companies do things right, as Major Nelson's offer of congratulations to Sony for the PS4 launch was, they should be acknowledged and supported. Stryk3r's use of that image in response to kolreth seemed to attack him for wanting to do that, and that's what I responded to.

                  I can see how it may have been unclear, apologies. My mind was on Major Nelson doing something nice, and stryk3r appearing to criticise the idea of supporting that.

            Mate, when any console game comes within 1% of being as deep as dwarf fortress, you let me know.

            I just understand because Forza 5 is 1080P? So I don't understand what Sony is getting at?

              Activision mad a whole big deal about how the Xbox wouldn't let them run at 1080p native.

          Ive been reading your comments the past many months after the 2 of us had an argument a while back, and the one thing I notice alot with you is no matter how smart, brilliant, respectfull or right Sony are, you still attack everything they do.

          I dont know if you have noticed, but MS have nearly destroyed their reputation with Xbones announcemt.
          All i know is PS4 is gonna outselling Xbone on Launch by a landslide.
          And if you also havent noticed, you literally cannot preorder the PS4 and get it by Christmas.
          I have done digging and Alot of stores in Australia and America and Europe are still selling Xbones to walk ins at their stores and buying Online their websites.

          Plus its a known fact that Sony can manufacture their PS4's faster then MS can manufacture Xbones, so it says something when PS4 is sold out World Wide.

          Their is nothing wrong with what sony have done here. The reason you xbone fanboys get all precious about this is cause Sony is telling the Truth.
          It is competition, and in competition, you gotta get on top of your opponent and rule the market. If Sony what to keep pointing out how PS4 is better, has better and a wider selection of Exclusives and more Powerful and Mext Gen then Xbone. Everything Xbone is doing or planning, sony are too. Cloud gaming, Sony are organising for PS4 aswell. Tv, sony were allready their withPlay TV, so no brainer Sony will match that aswell. Hell, sonys playstation eye for PS4 has been getting better reviews then Kinect for Working and being Highly Accurate, and not being forced on us as a must have at launch. American company cannot outdo Sony. All American corps care about is money. Asian corporations care about pleasing their fans, nintendo is up their with sony aswell. Sony were loosing billions on the PS4, but they didnt change that for Years. MS keep selling faulty Xbox 360's for years with RROD and disc scratching and constant freezing and slow downs.
          Haha, I honestly cannot understand how someone can be so stupid to trust or like Xbox, they are such a greedy corp.

      It really gets weird when you guys start characterising these massive corporations like they are individual people.

      So what, Sony knows what they are doing, its called competition. It happens. But because Sony throw a few attacks at Microsoft, it turns into a big deal.

      I think your forgetting how much Microsoft was attack Sony on ps3's launch.

      Xbone has allready been getting alot of reports of faulty Xbones, but no reports on that yet.
      PS4 get Blue Light of Death, its a big deal.

      I honestly dont see what the problem is with Sony posting a FACT on facebook. Oh thats right, cause its Sony.
      But I think everyone has forgotten how aggressive and Manipulating Microsoft is, they have a history of Bashing their competition in the media or gives untrue Negetive feedback about their competition.
      Or the worst they do is Sue a company for whatever reason then win, the other company forks out ALOT of cash to pay MS for the case MS won, now this leaves microsoft buying that company out for alot less.
      Or buying out alot of the media in the specific field they want, in this case its the gaming media.

      Look at history, MS cannot get anywhere without being a dog.

      But sony teases Xbone cause its got 720p and ps4 has 1080p and suddenly, Everyone goes wild.

        When you do as much to help the worlds poor as Bill Gates, you let me know.

          Give me a few billion dollars from abusing monopoly power in a developing market and I would be happy to.

          A man with thirty billion dollars gives much of it to charity, spending only a few million (billion?) for his own purposes. There's no doubt that's better than hoarding it personally, but it doesn't make him a paragon, especially when the record shows that he at times took deliberate action to break other companies when they threatened to compete with Microsoft. This is a matter of public record.


          I agree Sony are being unprofessional. At best, they are being poor sports.

          They are in a somewhat weak position at the moment because, by all accounts, Microsoft's console has superior launch exclusives. If they're not careful MS will take advantage of this.

            Really? I thought MS were in a bad spot cause of the Anit-consumer attitude. And Xbones exclusives havent been getting any better reviews then the ps4s launch titles. Ryse was a flop with the critics and fans for its bad and genric gameplay. Dead rising 3 and forza reviews not much better either.

            Atleast Killzone Shadowfall got its reviews cause of its singleplayer. The games Multiplayer is apparently fantastic.

            The only thing I can do is laugh at you cause of the Pathetic level you snoop to, just to make the Xbone look better through complete bullshit.
            Do you think anyone cares about how precious you are being, or if Sony cares about a Xbone fanboys opinion

              Hello, I've used no sources whatsoever to state that a rival console is failing miserably based on launch titles that have received pretty good reviews (but I refuse to believe it!), I have also declared my undying loyalty to one company and will, for some unforeseeable reason, criticise, deride and insult others for daring to make a decision different to mine about which console they wish to play games on. I do this for everything, I hate people that prefer pepsi to coke, I'm plotting to kill people who drive a Toyota and I divorced my partner because they preferred android to iOS.

              This is obviously an exaggeration of you, I hope you realise how ridiculous you sound blindly stating that one thing is vastly superior to another thing based on cherry picked evidence and your opinion. And just remember, Sony deleted the post so there are higher ups who thought of it as insulting and petty. Much like you.

      This does not mean they are taking a shot at MS. Everyone just goes freaking crazy over anything Sony says or does. They are talking about resolutions, not features. XB1 has games that run at 1080p.

      Shuhei Yoshida of Sony congratulated MS on Twitter 2 hours ago.

    What the PS4 owners are saying:


    Whatever, the console wars are like two bald guys fighting over a comb.

      I know, it's funny watching the arguments about who gets to be crowned "Slightly Less Inferior Than the Other One When Compared to PCs." champion.

      Hey, bald guys need combs too.

      Moustache ain't gonna tidy itself.

    I got my Xbox One today and am playing Forza in 1080p 60fps right now and it is awsome, was playing Ryse in 1600x900 before and it also looked awesome and is actually pretty good and OMG I have a PS4 Killzone bunble on pre order which will also be awesome and I'm going to pick up one of the Wii U bundless EB have just started selling, also awesome. Fanboys get over it, we need competion to drive great games, would rather a world with just Playstation, love or hate MS Nintendo and Sony without copmetion the whole market would collaspe.

      Not really a market collapse, more like what other companies do when they have a monopoly;

      'You don't need 4K, like anyone is going to need anything more than 16-bit graphics.' Then keep selling itfor more or less the same price for the next X years.

    It's a company sales pitch. Who cares?

    I'm just having great fun listening to people from both camps loving the hell out of their purchases. It's next gen time, guys - hype is good! Fanboying is not!


      I wished my friends a happy time with their new purchases, now is not the time to sling shit on one another :)

    That's a pretty risky marketing strategy considering that PC outclasses both consoles by far, graphically.

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      Who gives a crap about PC. We are talking about consoles.
      How pathetic do PC owners havd to be to jump into this convo and talk up their PC.

      The fact is you cannot build a PC of PS4's power for $400.
      I spent a month trying to find a way to build a PC with PS4 power, and it would have cost me minimum of $600.

      PC gaming is too expensive, regardless of how you want to contradict that its a fact.

        PC gaming is too expensive

        Brace yourselves, winter Steam sales are coming.

          Good point there. The money I can save on pc sales is really significant.

          The one thing I hate about PC sales is that it geta really hard not to buy things becausr they go for so cheap.

            Not just sales now, bundles are a major part of the pc gaming landscape and they seem to be here to stay.

        Also, you can't actually buy a PS4 for $400 either. $548 is the cheapest I've seen for Australia. Add the cost of a PS+ subscription (required to play online) and you're at that $600 figure you quoted.

        As an aside, I own a gaming PC but I will also be getting a PS4 later. I'm a gamer, not a PC gamer.

          Except that you get a bunch of good titles for free with that PS+ subscription.
          Metal Gear last month. Luvverly.

            I'm a big fan of PS+, it's great value. But now that it is required for online play it really does need to be factored into the cost of owning the console.

        This cracks me up - you do know the PS4 is about $548 right now?

        You obviously don't know where to buy PC parts from.

        $600*. And i promise you I could build a gaming rig at $600 that plays games in 1080p at 60fps at respectable settings. Not your 30fps console "good enough" amounts aha :P

        PC gaming is too expensive, regardless of how you want to contradict that its a fact.

        * Don't have to pay to play online
        * Most games are at least $10 cheaper at launch - cheaper still via grey imports
        * Don't have to buy re-releases of classic games - 30+ years of backwards compatibility comes for free

          Grey imports are a wonderful thing. I paid $22.54 for Arkham Origins. Works perfectly on Steam. And dare-I-say it looks better than it will do on consoles when it gets it's next-gen release. You know nothing that is fact.

    This is healthy competition. Are you to say that a business shouldn't point out the benefits of why its better than the opposition? In this day and age it should be 1080p full stop! In the next 5 years I'd expect it become higher than 1080p and venture towards 2-4k. If these consoles are to last us the next 6-8 years and they don't have at least 1080p ability then its not as next gen as they make it out to be. The performance of both consoles is sadly underwhelming although the PS4 does offer innovative design elements and the PS Vita remote play is an amazing feature. It's something to notice that capitalism can do so much for us and yet at the same time hold us back so far.

    I am a console gamer, just to be clear. I wanted more.

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      Also, Sony should have had the conviction to keep that post up. Bad press is good press they say!

    Didn't MS once make fun of Sony during that time their network was down for a month?

      Pretty sure it was noted at the time how quiet MS were when it happened. They could've really sunk the boot in, but they didn't.

        MS didnt stick their boots in because that was one of the few times MS understood Sony's position.
        Sony couldnt have known they were gonna get hacked, MS could have been hacked just as easily aswell. Even a 11 year old can hack the FBI and CIA. But atleast Sony hired the kid who hacked them and hired him on Sonys Security team to help improve Sonys network security against hackers. Microsoft would have just pressed charges and the kid would be in jail.

        In this case, sony arent doing anything wrong. Sony knows that the Eight'th Generation of gaming should be better then last Generation consoles.
        Sony are just pointing out that their console is the future.

        It wasn't for marketing reasons though. They knew that if they were cheeky about it they would very likely be hit by DDOS. It is super unwise to gloat about other companies security woes.

        Very quiet indeed. Sony pissed off a bunch of hackers and if MS had of been a dick to Sony at the time the hackers could have easily said "challenge accepted".

    Hey wait! How about when Sony did that "Videogame sharing" clip that has garnered 14 million views in 5 months? Everybody viewed it as the holy white knight defending the games industry, nobody thought it was in bad taste.

      Well, it was bad taste, yeah, but it's what everyone wanted to hear.
      That makes it fine, right?

    Let's form a circle and chant "fight!" till they do!

    I don't see what's the issue. PS4 does native 1080p, whereas xbone generally doesn't. If that's true then Sony are allowed to point it out.

    Seriously dick move on Sony. MS congratulated them on their launch and this is what they do. I refuse to buy a PS4 (until Uncharted 4)

      MS were not congratulating Sony for PS4's launch out of niceness, it was them trying to play good guy. But MS is built on bully and manipulation tactics to get what they want.

      Plus your an idiot. MS announce Xbone with Heavy drm features to stop the Used game market from effecting MS's profit. That should tell you straight up that all we are to MS are wallets, that is it. Sony respect us as gamers, ofcoarse Sony see us as money aswell, but atleast Sony respect us and treat us like gamers.

      Microsoft dont,

        You do know that sony owns the patent on using rfid tags to render game discs unplayable? You think they didn't research that without a goal?

        No, your an idiot since this had nothing to do with DRM, just Sony's arrogance.

        I really hope your not defending one TNC against another due to brutality? Its business. They are all after money, and they all take the same tactics.

        MS = Sony in "bully and manipulation" tactics.

        Thanks to idiots like you, digital games still have to be priced above RRP to keep stores happy, and even though entire games are installed this generation and the disc isn't needed, I still need to get up and swap it in just for a DRM check. I've never traded a game for some pissy $5 trade in my life, and am pretty shitted off the future was held back because Sony were too chickenshit to go there and then lit the flames under Microsoft.

        Seriously, all that the second hand games industry does is keep the game store industry floating because they can keep giving you shit all for your second hand game, while selling it for $5 less than new. Mass profit for them.

      How Scandalous, Sony is allowed to advertise their features. Someone stop the presses, Direct competition is a seriously dick move, I hope you never get put in a marketing occupation.

    I'll buy a ps4 and xbone in about 6-12 months when the inevitable "first wave fuck up" is over. Every first version of a console is flawed.

    I'm more of a PC and Nintendo sorta guy, and I'm not buying either of these new consoles for at least a year or more- but the ps4 is kinda the obvious choice from what I can see.

    @tastypaste- The original Gamecube, and Wii were not only solidly built- but both housed more features than the later revisions.

    I always buy Nintendo machines on launch- never had a single issue.

    You're all crazy. I seen this post and not once did I think they were taking a shot at MS.

    get over it. Everyone is always soooooo forgiving of anything MS does, but blow Sony up for any wrong step they make.

    i see no issue in this, why settle for out dated 720p when you can have full 1080p, we got 4K now, and its becoming cheaper so people are gonna go to that, hell i have a 1080p TV not a 720P TV, i buy full HD blu-rays, so why would i waste my time on 720p Gaming when i can have 1080p?

    Rant from me, a PC gamer who is also loves his Playstation.

      Both consoles upscale to 1080p, just from different native resolutions.

      Its what you get when you buy a hyped black box. Also, 4K is far from a quality level of consumer use. Its barely accepted in the elite PC gaming community atm due to its lack of benefits to gaming, and overall poor quality > price ratios.

    At least Shu was kind enough to reply the gesture

    I think most people made up their mind years ago, regarding whether to get an Ps4 or XboxOne or both...
    Highly doubt there are still any swinging gamers out there.

      I wonder if you have paid any attention since Xbones announcement, but since then, I know atleast a dozen of my mates trading their 360 in for a PS4 and atleast hundreds of post on these websites saying Xbox is dead to them.

      The first Xbox was great, i enjoyed my PS2 more but Xbox was great in terms of power. But Microsoft have lost it by forcing Kinect on everyone.

      But i like Playstation out of trust that I get a good experience out of it and Respect because Sony treat me like a gamer. Not to forget that since PS1, sony has had the better exclusives, hands down.

      If Microsoft can get more Developers like the Talented people who madd alan wake, then Microsoft will be nearly on par with Sony cause Alan Wake was a excellent game, but that is the only Xbox Exclusive I have ever enjoyed, apart from Mass Effect 2 which is no longer exclusive.

        But that Killzone! Gotta get those Sony exclusives that are brimming with quality!


        Seriously, exclusives are preference, both have great ones. Any driving game fan would argue to the death against getting a PS4 because it doesnt have Forza. Is that what makes me decide? Nope.

        Xbox One and PS4 are equal. Its preferential. No console is dead, unless you call going to sell millions of units that will operate in a thriving ecosystem that your beloved Sony is playing catch up on "dead".

        Have a drink Butcha... actually, have a couple of drinks. Theyre video game machines. Have some fun.

    Microsoft should have tweeted at them asking them what resolution Titanfall runs at on the PS4.

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    This is becoming a joke how dellusional Xbone fanboys are, no matter how logical and truthful PS4 fanboys are.

    We say PS4 is stronger, which is a fact, then xbox fanboys say where is the proof, then sony fanboys say here it is but the Xbox fanboys still argue.

    All I have seen since the announcements is how right Sony fanboys are most the time, but you idiotic, dellusional xbox fanboys have to contradict everything better about ps4.

    The facts are now out. Demand for the PS4 in the United States is through the Roof. Gamestop has nearly 2.6 million people on the waiting list for a PS4 and PS4s are sold out all around the world to the point where sony cannot keep up, and every single waiting list I see for PS4 says i am gonna have to wait till febuary to get a PS4, this includes europe and America.

    So contradict that all ya want, but proof and facts are more interesting them Xbox fanboy making sad, pathetic and desperate comments to talk up the Xbone.

    PS4 started getting manufactured before Xbone, yet Xbone still cannot sell out of stock.

      Yep.. they're the dellusional ones. You do know you just posted a good 400 word comment, on a "dick move" post about your beloved Sony, defending them endlessly.

      I'll enjoy both consoles, and my PC. You keep holding onto your black slanted box fending off those hungry Xbox kiddies who'll definitely see their wrongs and come crawling back.

      or they will just enjoy playing games on something they chose to purchase which is pretty much an identical competitor in the black box competition.


    You are all missing the point.
    Fast forward to 2062.
    The launch of the new Nintonysoft Wii Box.
    Then we just have to assimilate the Moar Betta PC crowd and we can end the warz.

    Just a note, I own game systems from all those companies and have a mighty PC rig so I often have to flame myself for being a fan boy.

    If i'm gonna sell a product, I will of course compare mine to others.
    Mine is better might as well brag at it.

    why dont people appreciate these two great consoles?
    ok one might have as good graphics or exclusive as the other but who cares...
    at the end of the day we buy them for the same reasons to enjoy next generation gaming
    so buy the one that is suited to you and play on it, don't brag about it on forums.

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