NPR Unboxing The PS4 Is As Hilarious As It Sounds

Knack looks a little… too benign.” If you’re going to watch a PS4 unboxing video, make it National Public Radio’s PS4 unboxing video.


  • Who is this ‘NPR’ anyway? What’s their bag?

    Edit: that was pretty funny. I like that chick too, she had a subtle and dry wit. I wanna actually see her play something like GTA.

    • It’s National Public Radio. It is similar to some of the community radio stations around Australia, where they are funded by their listeners, but also fills the role of ABC radio, since they don’t have a government broadcaster in the US.

      • There’s a video of some grandma playing GTA and going on a killing spree and shooting and burning people. It’s hilarious!

    • I remember Nina Totenberg from when I lived in the US, she was always pretty awesomely funny. I think she was on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me a bunch, which if you haven’t heard it, it used to be fantastic.

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