Off Topic: What Do You Want For Christmas

Look, we're probably all a little too old for this. You probably have the money to buy the thing you want anyway, but let's do this thing! What, dear reader, do you want for Christmas?

I was wandering around Westfield yesterday to grab lunch and was sort of shocked to see that, in the middle of the centre, there was already a bloody Santa Claus taking pics with kids. It's November for goodness sake! [Shakes fist at cloud]

Anyway, it got me wondering what I wanted for Christmas and, since I'm good for games, I could only think of one thing...

A slow cooker.

I've been wanting one of these bad boys for a long time. I want to slow cook some lamb shanks, make some delicious soup and — of course — make some creamy succulent porridge with steel cut oats. I've asked my wife to get me one for Christmas. Here's hoping she delivers!

What do you all want for Christmas?


    No bullshit, I want a slow cooker.

    And other boring grown up stuff.



    I kinda want that new Zelda 3DS

      too late!

        how come? Are they out of pre-orders at EB? Luckily I ordered mine a while back.

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    Slow cookers are amazing.
    I want some new cutlery.
    GAMING, right?

    A whole MTG: Theros booster box all to myself :oD

      To yourself? for shame, draft it!

        But but.....
        It's my Christmas prezzie

          You could keep the cards, but drafting is fun! Teach Granny to do it on christmas day!

            Hahahaha thats funny because, if she was still with us, Nan certainly would have been up for that!
            My Nan was a legend at all card games :o)

              When i was a toddler I used to sit on my dad's knee and read out the card numbers and suits.

              My Grandma apparently encouraged this practice so she could cheat :)

                Hahah thats gold!
                My Nanna taught me how to play Cribbage....
                Then she taught me how to "play" Cribbage ;o)

                  Oh man, cribbage- there's a reason i can still instantly tell when numbers add up to 15 :)

    I kinda want a Wii U. Not really interested in what the Xbox One and PS4 are offering and after whatching a play through of Wind Waker HD I gotta get it.

      Yea completely agree ay. Plus all the games coming out for it in the coming months.

      WW HD is just as amazing as it looks. You should pick it up!

        I second this! I bought a Wii U a few days after Wind Waker HD came out because I couldn't resist any longer and it was a good choice.

      Wii U is pretty awesome now IMO. Will no doubt be the most played console for me over Christmas.

        I honestly think I would have had one by now if they released the Wind Waker Bundle here.

        There is also a heap of games out now (like Wonderful 101) and coming out soon (Smash Bros, Donkey Kong) that make it look pretty attractive. Hopefully they'll have some sort of bundle out for Christmas.

          Just buy it from the UK from amazon bro.

          Mark Serrels please publish this or something so all Australians can get this snazzy special edition.

          Step 1: Get a UK power adapter from Ebay (x2 so you can charge your game-pad as well) here:

          Step 2: Order a WW HD Wii U from here:

          Step 3: When you boot up your console set the country as UK. London is nice around this time of year ;)

          Step 4: Make a 'dummy' UK account. DON'T us your legitimate email. Make a new gmail or something for it.

          Step 5: Use this account to access the Wii U online store and redeem the WW HD code. Download and Install.

          Step 6: In system settings change the console back to Australia and make your legitimate account.

          Step 7: In system settings, manually download the 1GB system update (Highly recommended!)

          Step 8: Enjoy Wind Waker HD on your brand new special edish gamepad!

          Step 9: (Optional) Periodically sign into the UK account to check if the eStore is cheaper in the UK.

          Source: Did it myself. 100% confirmed WW played.

          You're Welcome!
          Classic Clay

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    I don't want a lot for Christmas,
    there is just one thing I need,
    I don't care about the presents,
    underneath the Christmas Tree,
    I just want you for my own,
    more than you could ever know,
    make my wish come tru-ue,
    All I want for Christmas,
    i-i-i-i-issss... KOTAKUUUUUUUUU.


    *Waddles off*

      Planning to record another song this Christmas? :D

        It's tempting, particularly since I skipped it last year.

          Do it!

          No pressure. But, secretly, yes - pressure!

    I just bought a house, so house stuff! Hopefully the family comes together to get me a nice new dining table :D a microwave or a slow cooker would also be good!

    All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth


      Dunno about yours, but how would you feel about someone else's front teeth?

    Hmmmm... Have absolutely so much happening this year, that I don't think we can afford to have Christmas!

    Everything ramps up from the 21st Dec, which is when our twins turn one, we than head down to Canberra to spend Christmas with my partners dads family, we return a few days later for another Christmas with her mums side, then we head up the coast with friends for NYE. Early in 2014 I'll catch up with my family. So really I just want all of the above to go well, that should be enough.

    If anything, my Christmas comes in November and picking up a PS4. That will be enough to see me through.

    Im getting the Zelda 3DS next week so im hinting at either Pokemon X or Y for christmas... I still can't decide which to get. help??
    My rebellious nature is thinking Y because everyone has X but everything i read is that X is the better one.

      I got Y, why is X better?

      That poncy deer?

        Mega-Charizard apparently. Mega Y Mewtwo seems cooler though.

          Didn't like tghe look of the gray one in X personally

        I did the same - and felt the same way re: ponce-deer

    Snow...but I'll be in England, so this is a real possbility. :)

      It snows more in January-February these days, or if you're really lucky, July. I think there's been one white Christmas in England for 10-20 years now

        Maybe down south, but I have fond memories of several white xmas' growing up near Manchester. I left there 8 years ago, but family have said there has been some since. I'm there til Jan 10th anyway so hopefully see some!

          Fond memories of growing up near Manchester...seems unlikely :P hahaha I studied in Leeds and often made the trip to Manchester for gigs. Yeah, dahn Saaath we didn't really get white Christmases :(


      wait... WAIT IS IT OUT?!

        December 7 as far as I know, was considering the collectors editions but that sucker sold out before I even knew it existed!

        Dec 6

          Awwwww hell yessss...!
          Finally something to buy with old Birthday JB Vouchers!

            I've been waiting for SOOOOO loooong.

    Already own everything I want (have already paid for PS4 which is what I will be doing in my break) - possibly new clothes is nice but it will all come from my pocket so Chrismas time = Bad

    But yes I do want a BBQ and a girlfriend :c *YUNOREALSANTA*

    I want the same thing I've wanted every year for the past two decades. Lego.

    I want decent boxing day sales where they bring out some good deep discounts

      Keep wishing.
      I'd love to see some Black Friday level discounts.
      40% of all Blu Rays, buy one get one free on all clothing or some such.

        I need a new 250GB S model 360 because I'm out of space on 60GB and no one sells the hard drives for the older models anymore

    Slow cookers are great, nothing makes better pork ribs that starting them in the slow cooker then smothering them in homemade bbq sauce & crisping them up in the oven on a rack. Bloody amazing.

    I'm only asking for TrackIR this year, I was thinking of asking for a PS4 or XB1 but there's nothing I want on there for another few months at least

      Got a recipe for that bbq sauce? THat sounds awesome!

        Easiest thing ever, brown vinegar, brown sugar, tomato paste (not brown), hot English mustard. Stir em all together till its the thickness you like and it tastes nice, ideally should clear your sinuses as a side effect

    Same thing i always ask for... MONEY...
    and no doubt i will end up with my usual foray of items from especially LEGO oriented stuff... i definitely don't mind that...

    I'm at a stage where i never ask for/want "Big" things (e.g. consoles, puters, tvs etc)
    I buy them myself... Christmas gifts now are reserved for all the "ridiculous" and small things that i could never justify spending money on, but still find infinitely cool

    I'm hoping for a new car stereo that takes an AUX input, a new wallet (mine literally has a hole in it that my money falls out of. Not a metaphor.), a new belt, and a stack of bacon. Merry Santa to you all.

    A Nexus 5 would be nice, or a new graphics card... but having a less-than-tech-minded partner means I'd have to make some pretty obvious hints, like sending her the actual link and saying "this one please", which really takes all the fun out of it.

      Yup. Definitely know what that's like.

      I really don't mind that my partner doesn't share my love for tech..... but yes, it's really hard to have "surprise" gifts....

      Could be worse, its just me and my mum so I have to not only tell her what I want but be the one doing the ordering

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