Off Topic: What Do You Want For Christmas

Look, we're probably all a little too old for this. You probably have the money to buy the thing you want anyway, but let's do this thing! What, dear reader, do you want for Christmas?

I was wandering around Westfield yesterday to grab lunch and was sort of shocked to see that, in the middle of the centre, there was already a bloody Santa Claus taking pics with kids. It's November for goodness sake! [Shakes fist at cloud]

Anyway, it got me wondering what I wanted for Christmas and, since I'm good for games, I could only think of one thing...

A slow cooker.

I've been wanting one of these bad boys for a long time. I want to slow cook some lamb shanks, make some delicious soup and — of course — make some creamy succulent porridge with steel cut oats. I've asked my wife to get me one for Christmas. Here's hoping she delivers!

What do you all want for Christmas?


    my family dont do gifts & stuff at xmas.
    so all I want is to go up to my parent's place for a few days, play with the puppy & kitty, chill out & nom on all the tasty foods that my 'rents tend to make.

      Sounds like a good Christmas. Hoping mine turns out somewhat similar.

    I actually would not mind an Ouya purely for the emulation. For a long time I have looked at emulation and decided a PC or laptop are not what I want.

    Slow cookers are pretty awesome

    I would love a mic stand and a pop filter for my vocal mic or If I'm going nuts, a portable sound booth

    Well I have the slow cooker, but another (larger) camp oven for my outdoor kitchen would be nice. ...or a wood fired pizza oven, but I suspect the Mrs will make me build that myself. :P

    A roomba is something else I need, as the kids are little crumb demons at snack time. I really don't know how they manage to scatter things so far across the house.

    The 3DS XL Zelda is also on my want list, but I suspect that will be a present to myself, involving much grovelling to swmbo after the fact. :D


      EB has sold out of 3DS XL Zelda bundles. I missed out. :'(

        it was in ozgameshop's latest email. they might have it for sale?

          hrrrm....yeah they have it, but it's an extra $70. Pretty exy. :/

            yeah I ended up checking that out too.. sucks. is this the first time EB is cheaper than Ozgameshop?

      I'm going home to play Chrono Trigger now. Thanks for prompting me with your avatar!

    It'd be awesome to get game I want but don't have (there aren't many), but I got my younger brother in secret santa, and he tends to buy books.

    A note with slow cookers - put the food in, THEN turn them on.
    Not following this step means we don't have a slow cooker any more.

    Christmas? Time off - some time with family, but also some time at home to relax without any hassles.

    Already discussed it and GF is buying me this:

    I never want to grow up.


      That's awesome but man, Lego seems expensive these days. Is it inflation or is it getting more expensive?

    Since I have a Slow Cooker, I want a multi tier Steamer so I can make Pork Buns.

    I'd like my Brother to get his crap out of my Garage. I'd like the world to be a calmer smarter nicer place. I'd like Australia to just put in Fibre to the home so our Broardband is up to speed with the rest of the world. And Transformers 4 not to suck. I think that finishes my never going to happen list.

    Gaming related? Probably a 3DSXL and Zelda.

    Unfortunately Christmas is when rego is due.

    An Xbox One and Forza 5 would be nice. But i'm getting married in March so that's not happening. Some prescription sunnies, clothes and Pokemon X would be nice.

      Prescription sunnies are great. I feel like an old man, but I love em.

        The life of a short-sighted human. I lost mine a few months ago. Felt like an idiot.

    Apart from the usual geekery, a Rice Cooker. Boiling rice in a saucepan really just doesn't work great.

      Like twelve bucks from Kmart. First appliance I bought when I moved into my place.

    I was thinking I already have everything I want (preordered an Xbox One + Forza 5) but I actually would love a new Mac Pro for Christmas. Not going to happen, though...

    It's so nice to hear that people understand my need for a slow cooker.

      TIP: Don't work from home while cooking with one. It will drive you stark raving MAD.

    An overseas holiday. I really want to travel but so much crap has gotten in the way. I would be in Vegas right now but a car accident 2months ago forced me to buy a car. Then the TV breaking down led me to buy a new TV (I still live with the folks and they argued over who would buy it, so I bought it to shut them up). And to top it off I have to take mandatory annual leave for 2 weeks over Christmas and New years, with little money to make it worthwhile.

    As a fan of Collingwood football club all i want for xmas is my 2 front teeth. TBH i am not a collingwood fan but i feel it is more believable if i said that.

    I want my girl's health to get better.
    ...Yeah, downer.

      :( Hope all is well, my friend. Sending good thoughts your way!

      :( Sorry to hear that man. Hope Christmas is a good one and you get what you want.

        Ahheh, yeah. Thanks. Though now I'm a bit sheepish. I'm philosophically opposed to editing stuff out of posts, especially if folks have voted/replied, but in retrospect... there's a time and place. I try not to get too personal round here, specially for tales that ain't mine to tell... just got struck by the title for a moment.

    Im hoping for a nice relaxing christmas... its my daughters first one so id really like to see some quality time with her grandparents and a nice satisfying feed would top it all off!

    I find that gifts just add to the stress so i will just be gifting my daughter with books and toys this year, i dont want anything as i dont want to feel obligated to get anybody else anything.

    Some games (I want The Wonderful 101 already!)
    A toaster (Actually I think this should be on top of the list)

    I also really want the Childrens Hospital tshirt my best friend is buying me in America. I've kinda come to want that more than anything else this year for some reason :P

    Also, NO STRESS! That in itself would be a friggen miracle.

    Last edited 12/11/13 2:42 pm

    Having recently been married kitchen appliances are pretty much all catered for, :)
    And yeah slowcookers are pretty awesome. Which reminds me. Should use mine again.
    However, a blender or juicer would be good. Also I would love a KitcheAid. Man I want one of those babies so bad.
    Other then that money. I still need to get light fittings for the new house and a now planned trip to Europe next year greatly curtails my plans for getting them. So money for those would be great. :)

    Edit. Was reminded by the above post that the wife and I have mostly decided we are getting each other new desk / computer chairs for Christmas.

    Last edited 12/11/13 2:53 pm

    I want a new graphics card for my PC.

    Even though the one I have still runs things just fine.

    First world problems.

    I just want to be able to play a round of golf - never played before, but I'm interested in having a game.

    Also, as a father to a four and five year old, I want just one day of silence.

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