'Offline Play Enabled' Is Now A Back-Of-The-Box Feature

'Offline Play Enabled' Is Now a Back-of-the-Box Feature

Has this been a thing and we just missed it? Or is this a sign of our increasingly-online gaming future where even the back of a copy of the PS4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts has to provide a reassurance that, hey, don't worry, you can still play this game without an Internet connection?

I ran this image yesterday to illustrate a story about how next-gen console gaming will make hard drive storage management a bigger deal than it was on this outgoing generation. You can see that story below...

Next-Gen Games Will Fill Our New Consoles' Hard Drives In No Time


    It's incredible that they need to state that now. What's also quite incredible is that the game requires 49 GB of free space!

    Is that the biggest game ever so far?

      It's the biggest game I'm aware of. Even World of Warcraft after 8 years and 4 expansions is only 25GB.

      If games are suddenly this big right out of the gate in the next gen; how long before they come on two Blu-rays?

        I don't think It's so much that the game size has changed, it's that devs have realised they are now making games on Blu-ray which can (in theory, though I haven't seen one yet) store around 100GB. So they just cbf compressing things anymore.

          Or it's just the CoD devs being lazy. All of the games have been unreasonably large in comparison to the complexity of the games.

      I think MGS4 was bigger wasn't it? Though I think they made it seem like less by making you do installs progressively?

      49GB MINIMUM

      Call of Duty Ghosts on PC (according to Bajo from Good Game on Twitter just before) requires 66.5GB to install...

      Edit: apparently it's not, that was a Steam error, it's only 30gb or so.

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    Considering how much offline multiplayer was left out of games this gen, I see it as a feature. Playing with randoms and people you've met online is fun but nothing beats playing against your mates on the couch.

      Noooo! Stop calling it a 'feature'! We're all buying into the assumption that they want us to - that offline isn't the generally-accepted default. It SHOULD be the default! You shouldn't have to put it on a box any more than you should have to say that you will need a TV or other video-projection device plugged in!

    Have the PS versions of COD always been only 2 player?
    I love getting a few mates around for 4 player split screen cod on the 360... hopefully the same can still be done on the XB1

    PS4 does not require a persistent internet connection, so this on a PS4 game means what exactly? Does this mean you can play the multiplayer offline, with bots or something? Or is it just "it has single player"?

      It was actually, first party games on the PS4 do not require a persistent internet connection. It was said that with third party titles it is left up to the publisher.

    this sickens me
    i am an offline gamer and it is like every developer like to just screw us over

      Except they are still making games for you... How are they screwing you over again? It's just a sign saying that your wants will be catered for on at least one more ps generation.

    I wonder if they are referring to the single player campaign, or the ability to play on multiplayer maps in split screen and/or with bots. Having recently played battlefield 3 (got it cheap to try while I'm deciding whether to jump ship from COD, don't have the patience to play both) the ability to play the maps locally with bots was sorely missed.

    this just sounds like not all games will be playable offline in the future. why else would they put it there? But then that would go against what they have been saying all along... only time will tell i guess.

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