Oh, Come On, Russia’s Freaky Mutant Looks So Fake

Oh, Come On, Russia’s Freaky Mutant Looks So Fake

But that doesn’t mean it’s not scary! Last month, an “unknown creature” filmed climbing up an apartment building in Russia appeared on YouTube channel papotimes. You can watch the clip below. If you dare.

And earlier this week, the video got a second wind, reappearing on another YouTube channel and website Before It’s News as well as conspiracy forums (for example, here and here). Online, the creature is being called a “mutant” and being referred to as the Slender Man.

The video is creepy, that’s for sure. But even forgetting for a moment that it shows a “mutant” climbing on a building, the clip does send off all sorts of alarm bells: Why is the person even filming the building before anything happens? Why is the quality so crappy? Why does the building look like a model? And why aren’t the people filming it freaking out?

Yes, it looks fake, but creepy Slender Man is creepy.

Unknown Creature with Very Long Arms and Legs [[email protected]]
CRAZY! MUTANT MAN CAUGHT CRAWLING DOWN BUILDING IN RUSSIA![[email protected] via Before It’s News via Excite]


    • No it’s not, it is that god damn loch ness monster, he came up to my window after this and asked me for three fiddy.

  • It’s a secret WW2 era genetic experiment gone bad, code named “51”. After a UFO crashed into it’s home, aptly named “Area 51”, it escaped and ran wild across the United States. It was so angry at it’s creators for imprisoning it for so long that it killed President John F. Kennedy with its ultra rifle that’s powered by Pyramids and Homeopathy.

    It then went into hiding, it assumed the identity of “Big Foot” to lay low. But Americans kept looking for it so it needed to distract them, stop them from looking. So it framed Iraq by planting WMDs and it bombed the Twin Towers from the inside out.

    After that reports have been sketchy, some say he fled to Pakistan, some say he became a famous British race car driver for the BBC, all we know is now he’s in Russia, and those commie bastard reds have nukes.

    We have less than 24 hours before the world ends due to a solar flare caused by a nuke exploding in the centre of the sun launched by “51”.

    There is only 1 thing we can do…

    Wake up sheeple!

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