OK, Maybe Call Of Duty: Ghost's Spawning Could Use Some Work

Now I'm no first-person shooter expert, but I'm pretty sure you shouldn't be able to kill the same opponent four times in 10 seconds. Not only does YouTube's Gold Glove kill one guy four times in that time span during this Call of Duty: Ghosts multiplayer match, he kills another two enemy players while he's at it.

A multiplayer first-person shooter will generally aim to spawn players in safer spots during a match. Looks like circling around the support is enough for the system to deem that point safe enough. Not so much.

I can only imagine how poor Wet Nite must have felt, barely getting to raise his weapon — barely taking a step — before getting dropped over and over again. That doesn't seem like fun.

Best Spawns in Call of Duty History [YouTube via Reddit]


    Wow, those guys seem way too stoked about it.

      They do seem easily exited......I wonder what would happen if they touched a real live boob????


    CoD spawning issues? Well this is completely unexpected and unheard of.

      LOL i pretty much logged in to post this exact sentiment... cod spawning has been screwed since MW2

        Yeah it was good in MW1. Each team would be at either end of a map and then every now and then they flip a few to the other end that would flush out campers and bottlenecks and swing the whole thing around.

        Now it just seems randomly dumb.

    That is not the worst spawn killing video for Call of Duty on Youtube I have seen. I've seen a video where a guy wasn't moving, wasn't looking, just aiming in one spot holding down the trigger and getting 20 kills.

    Not surprisingly it's usually Infinity Ward CoD games that have this problem.

      No, the worst was Treyarch's World At War. I remember playing that, then getting killed repeatedly by a guy who was just standing there aiming at one spot and killing me and everybody else as we dutifully spawned in exactly the same location every time. Traded it in the next day and haven't been back to COD since apart from a brief dalliance with MW2 just to confirm that it still sucked.

      Pity, really, as COD4 was one of my favourite games of this generation.

        Yeah but at least Treyarch spawns were improved a lot in BlackOps 1/2,
        MW3 spawns were broken for the whole year and from what I've played of ghosts It's the same story. You'd think they would have looked into this for their next game...

    I heard the best way to fix it is to stop buying COD games...

    teach the guy for not watching the killcam

      Even if he knows that the guy is there, how can he respond to him when he spawns since a spawn system designed like this gives you a moment of uncertainty in which you don't know where you're spawning in and need a moment to gather your bearings?

        was a joke, if he watched the killcame and didnt press X or Square to respawn he wouldnt have spawned in the same spot as soon.

    Bf4 tdm/domination can be just as bad countless times I've spawned in with 1 or more enemies lookin straight at my back and dying before the black screen fades.

    Last edited 13/11/13 1:08 pm

      I've never looked back since jumping on the BF band wagon Bad Company 2, but yeah, had several domination rounds last night and the spawns were utterly terrible... The only thing saving me from raging was the fact that once in a while I'd spawn behind a large group of oblivious enemies and mow 'em down... then get killed by an enemy that spawned behind me :/

    Last night I played a game of kill confirmed on Stonehaven - for some reason I kept respawning in the castle... in the middle of 4 enemies looking at me. Really IW?? On smaller maps I'd understand but that map is huge for a cod map...

    Domination - EVERY cod has always suffered the same issue, any match where spawns are controlled - all you have to do is capture 2 of the 3 flags and then don't push for the third flag and the spawns set themselves up for an easy time of spawnkilling.

    It's no secret the game has had the same mechanic since it began you just need a team capable of holding Flag B plus A or C and doesn't push to get all 3 flags, once that's done get yourselves snipers and LMG's and go nuts.

    So aside from this being obviously bad.
    One thing id like to know being a PC gamer and somebody who has never purchased an IW COD since 4; do they actually patch the pc versions?

      They do; I usually read over changes when Steam posts them to see how bad things were prior to the patch, or what the devs say about exploits/bugs

    "Oh my god I feel sick". LULZ.

    But yeah, gotta say the spawns in Ghosts need to be fixed fast. So does the intermittent lag. Hey, Infinity Ward, Y U NO SHOW PING STATUS? That's quite the disgrace.

    I have this preordered as all my mates have done the same, skipped the last few CoDs but thought it'd be a good time to get back into them. This video makes me second guess that, is it really this bad or is it about on par with the previous CoDs spawning problems?

    Not to sound like a broken record, but COD spawns have been completely broken since BLOPS. It has got worse over time, and now appears to be at an all time low.

    The broken respawns was the first thing I noticed in this CoD MP.

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