One Beard Becomes Eight, Sings Zelda’s Most Famous Theme

It was only a matter of time before video-game a cappella master Smooth McGroove took on the Zelda theme. Now, he has — or rather he, his cat and his seven doppelgängers have.

This version of Link to the Past‘s famous overworld theme is one of Smooth’s more percussive recent works, and it sure does get me jazzed to play A Link Between Worlds. His cat makes a particularly excellent appearance in this video, too.


  • I know he’s said otherwise, but I simply refuse to believe he doesn’t use pitch correction. Disclaimer: this is my opinion.

    • You do realise, sir, that there are actually people out there who can hold a note… I know it can be hard to believe when people like Britney Spears keep touring, but it does happen 😉

      • Haha, well said. But honestly, I don’t say it because it’s unbelievable that someone can sing a note, millions of people can do that, it’s just more the slight sound of pitch correction that I can hear. And I’m not talking about the phasing effect you get from having two of his tracks sing the same note. (I was a musician for 15 years professionally, it’s just something I pick up). That’s what my gut says, but I could totally be wrong.

  • Ok, we get it, there’s a guy with a beard that does a cappella of video game songs. Time to move on, Kotaku…

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