One Guy Loves SNES Battle Music So Much, He's Making More Of It


Chrono Trigger. Final Fantasy VI. Secret of Mana. All SNES classics with wonderful soundtracks. Mark Reichwein from Japan agrees, but he is taking his love for classic video game music one step further... by actually composing more of it.

Reichwein is a great fan of boss battle music in particular, which is why he's making "Boss Battles for the Soul", an album consisting of nothing but original, SNES-style boss battle themes. To achieve that unmistakable Super Nintendo sound, Reichwein uses instrument samples obtained straight from SNES games, while also adhering to hardware limitations the SNES sound system had to deal with, like using no more than eight audio channels.

The album will consist of at least seven tracks, more depending on how much money Reichwein's already funded, but still running Kickstarter campaign will end up making in its last seven days. Two of the tracks are embedded above — if you like what you hear, keep an eye out for the actual album, which should hit next Summer.

SNES Album: Boss Battles for the Soul [Kickstarter]


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