One Man’s Harrowing Quest For Toilet Paper, As Told By A ZombiU Short

Admit it. You would brave the undead-filled streets for some toilet paper too. Zombie apocalypse? Pfft.

This 10-minute short, created over six months with (amazingly enough) a budget of only £250 (about $400), tells the story of Ron, a lone survivor in the ZombiU universe whose priorities might seem skewed at first, but really — would you want to wait out the zombie apocalypse with no toilet paper?

The film starts out slow, yes, but the atmosphere is done just right, and there’s plenty of references to keep one entertained. Give it a watch, especially if you liked ZombiU. If you didn’t, stay for the horror and the humour. You won’t regret it.

The Real ZombieU [DeepFried35@YouTube]


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