One Million PS4s Were Sold In 24 Hours

In a press release sent out over the weekend, Sony is claiming it shifted an incredible 1 million PS4s in the first 24 hours of the consoles launch in the US and Canada. Impressive numbers.

Sony is estimating that, following the console's release in Europe and Australia in the coming weeks, that number will have increased to 3 million by the end of 2013. The plan is to have 5 million PS4s in the wild by March 2014. Those are some big estimates.

"This is a marathon, not a sprint," said Jack Tretton, president of Sony's game division in the US, "but getting out to a nice start is a good thing. “That hurdle has been cleared. We’re very, very confident we’re in great shape."

The only problem it seems, with Sony making these estimates a reality, will be competing with demand. Many reports are stating that pre-orders are sold out in Australia. Getting to the magic 5 million number by March will no doubt be a production issue as much as a sales issue.

Sony Backs Estimates of 3 Million PS4 Units Sold by Year-End [Bloomberg]


    That's an impressive number.

    For the sake of comparison, does anybody know what the PS3 managed in its first 24 hours?

      I believe it was something like 80,000 in the first 24 hours, but that was Japan. I couldn't find figures on NA's numbers, but the rest of the world was only 600,000 in the first 2 days.
      In America it looks like it took 2 months for the PS3 to ship 1 million units, most likely a bit longer to actually sell 1 million.
      I read this morning that the PS2 sold 500,000 units on it's launch weekend. If the games start coming in thick and fast next year maybe we could see PS2/Wii numbers of sales in 5 or 6 years. At least for once Sony didn't seem to have any major supply issues

      The Xbone sales will be very interesting to see how they compare in their main market

    How many on eBay?

      Quite a few, the scum are trying to sell them off at 800+ dollars lol.

        Don't know why people would, it'll take two weeks to arrive anyway. Assuming the HDMI works or it doesn't or hasn't blue pulsed. i am going to get a PS4 but probably 1 year from now.

        I remember scum trying to sell the PS2 for $800 too!

          I remember scum trying to sell the PS3 for almost $1000!

          EDIT: haha beaten to it

          Last edited 18/11/13 11:01 am

          Lets not forget the scum that sold the PS3 for $800. Of course that scum was Sony and that was their release price for the 60GB system, and that price was actually just shy of $900

          EDIT: Beaten twice :'(

          Last edited 18/11/13 11:05 am

            It pays to shop around, I'll be price matching all my pre orders

              for example

                Hey mate, if you don' mind me asking, where is that from? Big W?

                  Looks like it to me. Big W are the only one I know to use blue circles for their prices like that.

                  Though I looked on the Big W site, and their princes aren't as cheap as that page you put up

                  Yes it is, I didn't realize there was no mention of bigW in the photo....apology

                Big W? Kmart? From what date? I assume it's from a very recent catalogue - hence the reason The prices on the BigW site are currently higher - and those prices will come into effect when that catalogue starts - but when?

                I must know!

                (I'll have a Zoo Tycoon, Ryse and Forza for $68 each - sure!)

                  Thanks nema!

                  I checked the BIg W site today - catalogue is officially up - sale starts November 21st (Thursday) - really hope my Xbox One (from MS Store) arrives in time!.There's a Big W about 2 blocks from where I live! I'll be there for Ass4, Forza & Ryse. Shame ZooTycoon doesn't seem to be part of the deal.

                How long ago was that catalog? The Big W website has prices far higher than that. What region was it from?

            On the other hand, they were (allegedly) making a loss on that, largely because of the cost of the blu-ray drive. Other blu-ray drives with less smarts were selling for more. It's one reason why many early PS3s were sold solely for the blu-ray capability (just as many 360s were sold because the first one RROD'ed).

    Pfft. The Wii U has sold more than that.

      eeeerrr not sure if that was sarcasm, but wii u sold 400k in the first week?

        More than 1 million now though :P

          The Wii U is clearly winning the console wars atm

            Yeah, the WiiU is currently smashing the Xbone at retail. Go Nintendo.

          ...and the PS2 has outsold them both! o_0

            As has the Commodore 64!

            Clearly the C64 is the superior machine.

              inb4 PC master race

                The PC is pwning all. There's like 100 of them on my floor and work. Solitaire & Minesweeper sales a through the roof.

    GAF are following this as well and a few posters have looked through the history books... supposedly...

    US Console launches (NOTE : first month, so days on sale will range depending on release date)

    That being said, Sony destroyed everything as shown in Graph Form

    Some other comparison figures...

    Again, supposedly this is the best Day 1 hardware launch of all time, Japan looked to have held the record with the PS2, when they sold a touch under million on Day 1 (980,000)

      A touch more, supposedly current LTD numbers for the Wii U in the US are between 1.3-1.5Mil, and that has been on sale for almost a year now

    I thought they announced that they had a million pre-orders, so this isn't really news is it? I mean, of course they're going to release a statement because it's a bloody impressive number, but we already knew that it'd sold that many.

      That assumption was to be "worldwide", not just a single territory, thus the sales seem quite unreal, nobody seemed to think they would break a million in the first month let alone just 24hrs.

      If supply is available the Europe launch is only going to be bigger, as Sony actually have more marketshare over there

      Last edited 18/11/13 11:25 am

    In all seriousness, how long before the PS4 outsells the Wii U? By the end of the 29th of November and when it's on sale everywhere else (except Japan)?

      I did some figures on the WiiU a few months back and worked out that if it held it's numbers at the time, the WiiU wasn't going to outsell the Dreamcast until 2020 something.

      I think that might have changed a bit with some extra games coming out, but on the other hand it might not. With the new consoles out now it might even get worse!

    So with the 0.4% failure rate, that means 4000 people got home to find they had a dodgy console in need of replacement.

    I wonder how that stacks up against the reports in the wild?

      IMO Sony never should of put out that figure. I believe (i may be wrong and please do follow up if it is) that 0.4% figure was released prior to the console even being released and at that stage only several thousand were out for the taco bell promotion in the US where you won a PS4 before it came out. Publishing a figure like that prior to launch is silly and is now being quoted left, right and centre in gaming forums around the world and while it is hard to judge, there is small chance that 0.4 % would be accurate.

        My PS4 arrived this morning. =) No problems, and no games on it atm either. I tried to download Warframe but after a small download when it said "Ready to Install", it froze... I'm sure that's just because I cancelled it/my internet is slow ADSL. Going to muck around with it now.

        I'm quite impressed with it though... the controller feels nice, quite happy with my purchase. =)

    Is this how many PS4's 'shipped' or 'sold'. Sony are notorious for passing off shipping numbers as product sold numbers. I'll believe when I see Sony's quarterly statement.

      Sold through to consumers i.e. not just shipped to retailers.

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