One Million PS4s Were Sold In 24 Hours

In a press release sent out over the weekend, Sony is claiming it shifted an incredible 1 million PS4s in the first 24 hours of the consoles launch in the US and Canada. Impressive numbers.

Sony is estimating that, following the console’s release in Europe and Australia in the coming weeks, that number will have increased to 3 million by the end of 2013. The plan is to have 5 million PS4s in the wild by March 2014. Those are some big estimates.

“This is a marathon, not a sprint,” said Jack Tretton, president of Sony’s game division in the US, “but getting out to a nice start is a good thing. “That hurdle has been cleared. We’re very, very confident we’re in great shape.”

The only problem it seems, with Sony making these estimates a reality, will be competing with demand. Many reports are stating that pre-orders are sold out in Australia. Getting to the magic 5 million number by March will no doubt be a production issue as much as a sales issue.

Sony Backs Estimates of 3 Million PS4 Units Sold by Year-End [Bloomberg]

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