One Of The Hottest Components Of The Xbox One Will Surprise You

One Of The Hottest Components Of The Xbox One Will Surprise You

So, the PS4 had its day under the gaze of a thermal camera. Now it’s time for Microsoft’s latest to share a similar fate. This time round though there are three items to test — the Kinect sensor, the power brick and the console itself. Guess which one’s the hottest?

Again, Planet Extech’s Vatche Arabian cracked out his FLIR E8 thermal camera and gave the Xbox One the once over. Well, several once overs. Unlike the PS4, which is fairly self-contained, the Xbox One has a couple of external components that needed monitoring.

As with the PS4, he recorded a number of images at different stages of operation — after the firmware update (console: 30°C / PSU: 18°C); post-intro movie (console: 32°C / PSU: 28°C); and after two-and-a-half hours of Dead Rising 3 (console: 46°C / PSU: 39°C).

Compared to the PS4, the Xbox One is around 10-14°C cooler, though Arabian correctly points out the former console has a self-contained power supply, increasing the temperature of the unit as a whole.

What I found surprising was how warm the Kinect sensor got at its hottest — 42°C, three degrees more than the power brick at its peak, but still a few notches cooler than the Xbox One itself. That’s a lot toastier than I imagined it’d get.

Xbox One Thermal Images [Planet Extech]


  • wow if thermal cameras are accurate then both consoles run fairly cool. My air cooled gaming PC’s gpu has reached over 80°C.

    • Comparing it to a PC though, the GPU that the consoles share would be passively cooled in a desktop.

      • No they wouldn’t. The Jaguar CPU cores in both consoles are low-power cores designed for tablets and low- to mid-range notebooks (although those APUs come in 2- and 4-core configurations, both consoles are 8-core) but the GPUs in both are the full fat variety found almost always in active cooled desktop graphics cards.

        Neither console GPU is an exact match for a desktop card (different clocks, number of CUs and ROPs, etc) but the Xbox One GPU is broadly comparable to the Radeon HD 7770 and the PS4 GPU is broadly comparable to the Radeon HD 7850, both of which are almost always actively cooled (Sapphire makes a passively cooled 7770 but it comes with an enormous heatsink, and Powercolor makes a passively cooled 7850 – both need excellent case cooling though).

        They’re both no match for my lovely 7950 of course. #pcmasterrace

    • This wouldn’t be showing the temp of the GPU itself. That would probably be running at about that temperature too. But the over-all heat of the Xbox isn’t that high. Ditto with your PC. If you chucked a thermal camera at it, it would probably be similar.

    • Except that these are thermals of external chassis of the consoles, as opposed to thermal output of the raw chip.

  • Yes, very impressive. Sony and Microsoft really outdid themselves this generation with this. I would have been deeply troubled if they made the same mistake they did last gen (especially like Microsoft did with the 360).

  • Kinect is probably hot because it has an embedded microcontroller (with limited cooling) to do pre-processing before it delivers the data to the Xbone.

  • One has to wonder what “activities” were going on in front of the Kinnect at the time… *nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more*

  • Xbox one console 46 degrees after 30 mins gameplay
    PS4 console, 45.5 degrees after 30 mins gameplay
    “Compared to the PS4, the Xbox One is around 10-14°C cooler”
    am i missing something or did you miss math class

  • The heat in the kinect could actually be a heater to get a constant temp for the it sensors to work more consistently.

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