One Of The World's Best Tekken Players Is A 13 Year-Old Kid

One of the World's Best Tekken Players Is a 13 Year-Old Kid

At the recent Tekkeg Tag Tournament Global Championship in South Korea, 13-year-old Alexander "AK" Laverez sure has remarkable skills when it comes to fighting games. The young Filipino was able to beat Japan's favourite Nobi as well as one of the top Korean player Help-Me!!

Although he finished third (that means $US1000 and a trophy) behind two South Korean players, Saint and JDCR, being this good in the game at this age is still really impressive. Hell, being this good at any age is impressive!

You can check his best moments from the tournament in this recapture below:

『鉄拳』に世代交代の波が到来か!? 世界大会での韓国優勝の裏では13才少年が世界3位に輝く――原田Pに訊く"これからの鉄拳"インタビューも掲載 [Dengeki]


    Every 13 year old I play and lose miserably to must be as good as him. Yes. Only possible explanation.

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