PAX Australia 3-Day Passes Are Already 90% Sold Out

Considering that tickets went on-sale super early, and the event is being held in a venue with a much larger capacity, I expected that PAX Australia tickets would be available for a fair amount of time. But according to its official Twitter account PAX Australia's 3-day passes are already 90% sold out.

All that in less than 24 hours.

Also, that tweet was posted over six hours ago now. It's entirely possible that number has increased since the tweet was made. If you were thinking of holding off for those passes, you might want to rethink that strategy.

It's surprising. Larger capacity, clashes with the Melbourne Cup. I'm not saying I didn't expect PAX to sell out, of course I did. I just didn't expect tickets to sell like One Direction was in town. This is pretty insane. Most likely, before the day is out, PAX Australia will be all out of 3-day passes.


    Phew... got mine and 1 for a friend :)

    For anyone who misses out, I'm pretty sure it's $15 more and you can just buy 3 single passes, one for each day.

      That's true.
      But i like the feeling of having the one pass or all 3 days.
      This year my pass ended up being badge-o-rama, including signatures :D

    With how last year's passes went, I wouldn't be surprised if like 40% of them were just opportunists buying purely to on-sell at a higher price later.

      I bought 2 for Pax 2013 the day they were released but 1 month before the event my friend for who I bought the ticket pulled out of the event. He was willing to pay me back the $150 and I almost let him, but I put it on ebay for a laugh and got $290 for it. Made a neat little profit.

    I really really wish they waited until the new year to put these on sale.. this is a really horrible time to do so with christmas coming up, plus for uni students working on trimester basis (me and many other lucky deakin student - i just had to pay $380 for books yesterday) how can many people afford it now?
    Add to that that i'm getting married next week and have a baby on the way....

    le sigh

    It's not all that bad, though, as when the day gets closer there's bound to be people who can't go whos tickets i can buy from them - just a matter of staying on top of it.

    Edit: Obviously it's silly for me to think that they would take my concerns into consideration, as I'm part of a small minority, as can be seen by the ticket sales already. :P

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      While I sympathize, and believe me I do, for everyone who has been caught financially unprepared
      To be fair to the organizers, the tickets for PAX 2013 went on sale about this time last year, and tickets prices really should have been budgeted for as soon as the 2014 venue was announced

      Given last years crowds, it does not surprise me that they are almost sold out already

        Correct, but they went on sale this time last year for the event in July.
        As i said, I'm a small minority and merely airing my personal laundry. For them the sooner they can get the money, the sooner they can start the ball rolling, which is more than fair enough.
        All i was saying is that their timing in the grand scheme of things could have been a little better to ensure that everyone had fair chance, not just people with the ability to budget for it at one of the more expensive ends of the year.
        Also, i too expected tickets to sell out this quickly as well, given how great this years event was. I just didn't expect them to go on sale a year out from the date. But, indeed, beggars can't be choosers :P

          It's not really a matter of them wanting the money sooner. There is a heap of other things on in Melbourne at the same time (including the Melbourne Cup) so if you are coming from out of town you need to book accommodation now. Of course, people don't want to commit a few hundred dollars to a hotel room unless they know they have a PAX pass, so the passes have to come out early too.

      I feel your pain mang. We're getting married in 3 weeks. Thankfully most of it is organised and paid off at this point.

    Welp, considering the shambles I went through last year with a 3 day pass. Kind of glad I'm just going for a single day this time.

    Should hopefully be awesome


        They forgot to send out the pass twice
        Spent most of the day waiting to get into a single panel
        I saw everything on the first day
        The friends I was going to see on the second and third day never got in touch with me and I couldn't find them so I ended up selling the ticket half way through saturday for $50

        There just wasn't enough to warrant getting a 3 day pass again

          Man that sucks. Sorry to hear :(

          I only just started running out of stuff to do on the sunday, so wrapped things up about an hour or so before they started to finish up.
          I get the feeling i only had plenty to do because of 1. Taybies and 2. I'm into tabletop stuff, so got involved in the painting comps and boardgames and all that jazz.

            I'd basically gone to see the ron gilbert panel (which I missed because I was still in line to get into the grounds by the time it started ) the rooster teeth panel, and some of the oculus rift stuff which I didn't get to see. Plus I missed most of the taybies.

            Next year though, all the taybies. Plus I need to allocate a couple hours for cleaning out the streetpasses

    Didn't have to pay a thing for next years Pax ^.^

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    I was going to wait until pay went in on Monday to get my 3 day pass, but with the way this is being handled, I'm using my credit card today.

    Their facebook just confirmed they are sold out of 3 day passes.

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