Xbox One Owners Will Have To Wait For Peggle 2, But Not Too Long


    It's delayed?! That's it! I'm cancelling my pre-order!

      Me too! this outrageous behavior is simply unacceptable! Xbox One without Peggle 2 is like a turtle without its shell!

    ha lol, i have no idea why they got timed exclusive rights, i doubt peggle 2 is a console seller

      Are you kidding? don't you remember how crazy it was at E3?

        look at the disappointment in that guys eyes as he walks of stage, no one in the audience cheared

    I like peggle as much as the next guy, it's a fun, addictive game, but I won't be buying an Xbox one just to play it.

    So Xbox One loses Peggle 2 and Playstation 4 loses DriveClub. Both lose Watch Dogs.

    Hmm, maybe PopCap are having trouble reaching the elusive 1080p?

      So I suppose forza5 native 1080p on 60fps is some Jesus miracle....
      if people wanna get real fukin fussy about res play on "superior" PC 4k brooooo
      Dildos, dildos everywhere

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