Persona 5 Announced For The PS3

Persona 5 Announced For The PS3

Atlus finally (finally!) made an official announcement regarding Persona 5. It’s headed to the PlayStation 3 next winter in Japan. Above, is the game’s teaser trailer.

No word yet on a Western release.

トレーラー映像 / PERSONA5 [Atlustube@YouTube]


  • Been contemplating picking up Persona 4 Golden for Vita since I saw it cheap a while ago. I know it seems highly regarded by people who have played it, but can anybody tell me anything about it for somebody who has never played a Persona game? I.e. how many hours do you reckon it is for an average play through? Is it particularly “grind-y”? I generally don’t have the hours to spend on a Vita game that would make it worthwhile if it’s say, 40 hours but 20 of them spent grinding.

    • Persona 4 will take you about 40 hours to beat. While it’s not grind-heavy like Valkyria Chronicles II (urgh), there will be a few moments in the game where you’ll have to do so.

      Of the 40 hours, I’m guessing you’ll be grinding for about 5-7 hours, so not too bad if you ask me.

      If you can get it for cheap, the game is well worth the try.

      • If you play on easy you don’t have to grind at all. I make a point of not avoiding shadow battles but I haven’t had to backtrack to level up.

    • Persona 4 actually has an easy mode which basically eliminates “grinding” and most forms of the usual game-extending rubbish and false challenge. You could play it on easy and take around 40 hours or play it at normal and take anywhere between 50 and 70 depending on how good you are or maybe how much you care about jrpgs. I played the average difficulty when i had it on ps2 and i don’t really think you lose anything at all by skipping the grinding, i actually enjoyed it much more the second time around when i was able to put most of my focus on the story and building relationships etc.

  • Anybody that watched the live stream knows how hard we got trolled for a good 30 minutes. It was actually pretty hilarious how quickly the chat turned into a bunch of crying fans raging at atlus

      • yeah they got us good until then especially when the rhythm game was announced. I had a good laugh during the stream as well imagining all the people raging in the chat as scott tenorman from that one southpark episode while atlus was cartman.

        • Haha yeh the rage was hilarious especially since people thought there would only be 3 announcements due to the 3 boxes in the teaser site.

          And Atlus are master trolls with that camera work and the old lady.

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