Project Zomboid Hits Steam As Early Access... So Why Isn't It Appearing As A New Release?

It's been a while since we last talked about Project Zomboid, a PC title that describes itself as an "open-ended zombie-infested sandbox". It was one of the first games to make it through Valve's much-maligned Greenlight approval system, but it's only in the last day or so that it's appeared as a thing you can buy on Steam, albeit under the "Early Access" label.

Yes, for the sum of $US14.99, you can own a copy of the game on Steam, though it's been available on Desura since 2011. Unfortunately, Desura doesn't have quite the same pull and one can only speculate as to the numbers developer Indie Stone is bringing in now via Valve's distribution platform.

As the "Early Access" label suggests, the game is still under heavy development — the Desura download is flagged as an alpha — so those expecting a smooth ride should carefully consider their purchase. In fact, the first project update on Steam recommends potential buyers give the demo a crack first to ensure "the game is ready for you, and you are ready for the game".

On a related note, it appears Early Access games are no longer appearing in the "New Releases" section of Steam's front page. Kris Ligman over at Gamasutra spotted tweets from Indie Stone's Marina Siu-Chong that mention the game appeared briefly as a new release, but has since disappeared:

Having spent a lot of time on Steam since Zafehouse: Diaries was approved and subsequently released on Steam, my guess is that Valve's copped a lot of flak over barely playable Greenlight games releasing as Early Access. While Project Zomboid certainly isn't one of those games, Valve would have little choice but to apply this new policy across the board.

Project Zomboid [Steam]


    I wish I'd get a Steam key after buying it on Desura so many moons ago :\

      There was a system in place before early-access to transfer Desura keys to Steam keys, but obviously you didn;t take advantage of that.

    Early Access games aren't yet complete, ergo they've technically not yet "been released." That comes once the game is in it's final complete form.

    I tend to avoid Early Access games and wait 'til they're done, so I approve. Plus the "100 games Greenlit at once" thing they did not too long ago flooded the release list quite a bit.

    I've just noticed they have a "Show DLC" checkbox on the new releases list. Maybe they could do the same for Early Access games so you have a choice of what you want to see.

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